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I'm back...fat and with no direction

I was swimming with my son today and realised how much I missed that regular smell of chlorine...
In 2009 I signed up for the London Tri-Oly distance when a charity asked me to. I was unfit, couldn't swim 2 lengths and had about 4 months to prepare. I worked really hard and spent every second my son was in school or in bed to train, and had good support here, esp from Conehead. I did a sprint, then the London Oly, and that was it. I achieved my goal of completing the race without walking or stopping, yet it did take me pretty much forever to finish I got out of the habit of training when I got pregnant end of last year, which was unfortunately lost, and have just done nothing since. Last year all the training seemed to consume my life so I thought this year I would take a break and get all those chores around the house done I hadn't done the previous year and spend time with my son before he starts 'big school' in January. Now, however, I find myself incredibly unfit, fatter, and generally unhealthy. I really enjoyed the triathlon experience and liked the varied nature of the training. I will never be fast, so I am not out to set any records! I want to get back into training but am goal-orientated and need something to aim for and am just not sure what that should be. I don't want the training to completely consume my life again, in the sense that if I don't train every day I don't want to feel sick with guilt. Any suggestions for a girl who wants to train, race, and have fun without it all dominating my every thought and action (oh yeah, I can get obsessive when I get into something!)??? thanks!


  • Just get out there & do what you can and enjoy it!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Welcome back to the madhouse,one common fault,particularly with Iron distance racers is that they do not plan beyond that race,the race finishes,you reach your goal,and that's it.No direction.

    Plan your year out,start small,local sprint races,have a race that you want to do,be it with friends etc but also have a couple of events planned after.They don't have to be tris,but maybe a couple of 10k races or Time trial bike races,for the latter you would need to join a RTTC affiliated club,
    is one,and your mate conehead has something to do with it,

    towards the middle of the year,assess how your training is going,and then plan for the next twelve months,keep a rolling calendar,so there is always a target.

    Regarding training,only you can decide whether it is getting obsessive or not,usual signs are,green chlorinised hair,always wearing training kit or compression gear,your friends give up asking you out as you usually say no.

    Best of luck.
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    why dont you see if there are any sprint distances series around your area, say 5 or 6 in the year, then your training isnt as intense cause of the distance, but because its a series it could keep you going all year.
    You say your competitive well if you do the whole series you can compete against yourself and try and get better all thru the year
  • Wahey

    Great to see you back.

    Get over to the BCTTT forum and get stuck in. Loads going on this coming season - join us at Heron for acme swims, bikes around Windsor, Henley area, surrey hills. Loads going on.

    Glad to see your wanting back

  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    PM'd you with a local event application form.
  • Welcome back again,
    I agree that one great step would be to join a local tri club, you can train with others, get guidance in areas you're either lacking technique or motivation in and be spurred along by other like minded people. Most clubs are broad ranging in style and ability and you can be assured of at least 1 session of each discipline a week to keep you going.
    Good luck.
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