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Dorney Lake Mens Fitness rough track

So its over-6 months of what I believed to be serious training for my first tri and now its Sunday night, the legs ache, I've swallowed more lake water than I'm sure is good for one and I have to deal with coming 6th...from last. And do you know what, I'm bloody chuffed!

If you'd asked me that after 250m of the swim when I couldn't even muster a casual crawl as lungs felt the size of ping pong balls the response would have been "why?". Same answer half way thru the bike as on each of 4 laps I hit the same stone and I moaned an octave higher than usual. Still the same answer on first of two run laps. But then after 6 out of 9km second wind kicked in. Legs felt like legs not logs, and I actually felt that I could compete not just complete.

So my apologies to the 5 people I passed, and also apologies to the 500 that I was an obstacle to but you ain't seen the last of me...Roll on 2010
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