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Sleeveless wetsuits

Now it's the end of the season, my attention has turned to my goals for next season. Cheif among these is really pressing on with my swimming by joining a club and putting in some more serious volume (as part of a plan, not just pounding out lengths). I also want to upgrade my wetsuit as a recurring theme this year has been severe fatigue in my shoulders and restricted movement meaning i have been unable to stretch my stroak out like i want.

What's the prevailing view on the sleavless wetsuits you can get? http://www.trisports.com/2xusleevelesswetsuit.htmlI am pretty sure it will cut down on shoulder fatigie from fighting your neoprene - but will that come at the expense of boyancy?

I currently have a pretty pants Orca S2 (the 2008 version). Which i really feel i have outgrown.

Help appreciated.


  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I had the Orca S2 this season and don't like it. It slowed me down. On the rookie day Conehead pointed out it doesn't fit me very well. My Dad got and Aquasphere racer a month ago for his first OW tri and I have borrowed it for the past three weeks and my first OD yesterday. I have to say the difference is amazing. The aquasphere feels so much better and I went from being slower than in the pool in my S2 3 weeks ago (750m) to much faster than the pool in the Aquasphere yesterday (1400-1500m). Don't give up on full wetsuits yet, go along to places that let you try them out first next year to find one you like. Also I noticed that the 2XU ones seem to be noticeably heavier than the Aquasphere ones when in a shop the other day so make sure you try a few brands.
  • In the early days of full sleeved wetsuits it really was like fighting against a tough elastic band, these days they are nothing short of brilliant. And a good fitting quality wetsuit with full sleeves doesn't interfere with most peoples strokes in any way. Having a full sleeved wetsuit is way warmer than a sleeveless.
    Bearing in mind that it's rare in the UK that you are going to overheat in the water a full sleeve is the way to go.
    Having said that I like to have a sleeveless wetsuit in my tri gear cupboard as they are so much easier to get on and off for that quick swim round the lagoon in training.
    Blue Seventy's head office is in my home town and my flatmate works for them so I do get a bit of a deal!
    This is my current wetsuit collection:
    Very old Terrapin shortie wetsuit (sleeveless and only half legs)circa 1985 for a quick play in the surf.
    Entry level full sleeved Blue Seventy for open water training. It's that little bit stronger and is now into it's fifth summer.
    Sleeveless Blue Seventy for open water training when it's warm.
    Supa doopa Blue Seventy for the occasional race.
    Just me and my togs when I feeling a little bit tough!

  • I usually like the phrase "Millions of dung beetles eat shit, it doesn't mean you should" but in this case ...

    I didn't see one short sleeved wetsuit at any of the OW races I did this year... this probably tells you all you need to know. I have no problem with arm movement in my Orca Sonar.
  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    Thanks for the advice all. I think i will stump up for a fairly decent full sleeved job.
  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    I'm going to be moving my Foor Quantum 2 (2008) soon.

    Very good condition though used about £250 new - size F3 see sizing chart link.

    http://www.foor.co.uk/index.php?option= ... &Itemid=13

    Thinking £75...

  • I used my 1989 Aquaman sleevless wetsuit at the Chester Triathlon this year.
    I used some neoprene glue to patch up a few holes with some spare neoprene from my full length wetsuit leg that i'd cut down a few inches earlier in the year.
    Apart from being a little tight probably from being in the attic and having shrunk where during summer it gets like a sauna, it was fine and the great thing about Chester is is that it is an out and back swim, where the spectators can follow the triathletes, and being the only one with a sleeveless wetsuit my crew could follow me and tell me after how c**p my style was!
    If the water in Britain was warmer i would invest in another sleeveless wetsuit, Chester was my 4th triathlon out of 8 open water triathlons during 2009 and the only one i did in the sleeveless wetsuit.
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