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Training Tunes

Since the snow up here in Scotland has decided it's staying for the foreseeable future and with all trails/footpaths like ice rinks and the roads also like ice rinks and my swimming pool closed for 2 weeks annual maintenance - training has not been going well over the last two weeks.

Anyway to prevent anymore pounds being added to my physique I've decided to join the local gym for a couple of months to help with the training and to combat the boredom of running/cycling indoors I'm looking for suggestions of some good tunes to add to my training playlist.




  • Anything by Prodigy

    Husband suggested theme tune to Rocky........?
  • My ipod always has a good mix of the following....

    The Bronx - shouty LA punk
    Frank Turner - jolly UK folk punk
    Coheed and cambria - incredibly long theatrical rock songs- good for 'just one more song, then a recovery' bribery.
    Titus andronicus - shouty irish folk punk
    The bronx - because you can never have enough shouty LA punk
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Some early nineties house! The beat is good and it takes me back..................................... To a time when I had no cares in the world! Except which girl to date of course!!!!
  • praise you - fatboy slim!
    On the turbo the other day I found myself going faster with that on in the background. I think it has a magical force that makes my legs want to dance, but as they're clipped in, they can only go round in circles. Its a win win situation...
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    There's and app that allows you to set your BPM depending on what sort of session you want. It then searches through your track list and selects those that match the criteria you've set.
    Kinda funky as if like me you have a wide range of music (I think it called eclectic) you can go from Green Day to classical and back.
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