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Goggle help needed!

Hi, I am just starting to train for triathlons and need to work on my swimming. I have just bought myself some Nike goggles and I was very impressed with them until I just looked in the mirror 2 hours after my swim, I look terrible! like I have been punched in my both my eyes!! Can anyone give me some advice, I don't think I had them too tight, although I will loosen them tomorrow. Can anyone recommend a good make? Thanks.


  • get some aquasphere seal xp
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Clairlou

    Have the same problems with my goggles. Been doing duathlon and triathlon for about 2 years alongside running. Like you, swimming is my weakness and I have tried 3 pairs of googles - all of 'em make me look like I haven't been to sleep for 3 weeks and have been sparring with Rocky most of my life!

    I keep wondering if I should get a set of those that cover more of your face that I think are designed more for open water. Have you got any more info since you posted this thread?
  • FleaFlea Posts: 2
    I've just brought a pair of Aquaspheres after using Speedo's, took a session to get them fitted correctly but are great, don't steam up or leave you looking like a panda who's gone 10 times round with Mike Tyson.[:)]
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Thanks Flea, I think I might drop some hints around the family and see if I get any in my Xmas stocking!
  • clairelou -

    Learn to embrace "goggle-eyes" as a badge of honor! Think of it sort of like when you brush up against your chain and get the chain's imprint on your calf (some people like this image so much that they get a permanent tattoo of it!).

    Yes, Seal Masks will not give you raccoon eyes, and neither will some of the soft Barracuda goggles. For me, though, there is always some leakage with these, so I go with the ones - Zoggs - that are leak-proof on my face, and the trade-off is completely worth it.
  • As Steve says, it's what suits you. Some of the Nike ones are horrible and look like they're going to suck people's eye sockets out though. Nice. Zoggs Athena Mk2 (they're for ladies) and Aquasphere (go for kaiman ones if you're in the pool) are really good and reliable for me. It's useful to be able to try them against your eyes. If you get a vacuum feeling you know they're going to fit well and shouldn't leak. Go for the bigger eye-socket ones, not the mini speed-demon socket jobbies.

    Love and leak-free swimming!

  • Sorry, this could be the oldest. 5 years on and we haven't learnt anything
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Goggles are a constant difficulty - just when you find a pair that fit and don't leak, they change the design or the materials and you have to go on the hunt again.

    Buy them from Wiggle, so that if they don't suit you, you can send them back again?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Goggle imprints,either standard size or extra stupid(aquasphere)size are a fact.

    suggest you opt to camouflage the rings by purchasing a nice pair of Oakleys to hide the imprints behind.They are both practical and fashionable.

    That way,you can ease yourself into the way of the triathletes money flow problems by spending £150,to sort out a problem caused by,a £5.00 item.
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