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why do ex-martial artists gravitate to triathlon? and other mysteries of the triathlon world.

I'm getting from the intro thread that there are a large number of martial artists on this forum. Is this indicative of a trend throughout the triathlon world? What is the tri-martial phenomenon? why am I posting this at midnight when i have to be up in six hours?

Do martial artists get fed up with being kicked in the head and decide to take up a less masochistic hobby!?! if so do they get hooked before they realise what they've let themselves in for?

Speaking for myself I found that after seven years of being kicked and kicking people (along with some puching, plenty of nose bleeds[X(] and the occasional moments of serenity and inner reflection) I wanted o challenge myself with something a little more personal. Plus i was starting to get woozie[&:].

Anyway, your thoughts would be appreciated or, if you have any other bizarre queries that you'd lke to post maybe we can set the topsie turvey things right. Like why is it impossible to make speedos look sexie? or Why is the only other person in the pool at six in the morning in your way[:@]??? maybe you'd like to know where all your drinks bottles go?

anyway, i'm gonna go now, very tired...


  • [:D]Yo Josh, Andy from yorkshire here again. As an ex (still dabble every now and then) martial artist, gotta say, it's great but not the ultimate challenge. The joy of triathlon is that you are not only competing against others, but due to the extremes, you are also competing with yourself. In this, I believe that is the next step from martial arts inner strength. Once you have the inner strength, you can then challenge yourself to anything, so why not make it the ultimate challenge.

    By the way, you gotta move more in martial arts, then there is less buzzing.

    Great proverb say; don't use head for blocking it hurts.

    Chow for now dude
  • Hey Scorpion

    Think i read the same proverb. Doesn't it end something like "When buzzing end and brain begin leaking from ear time seek medical help"? Or alternatively find new challenge, don swimming hat, dive in cold lake thus beginning quest to swim, cycle and run round the globe (or equivalent distance[&:]). They really were wise in the ancient east.
  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    hi josh, here's my thought on wmy ex martial artist take up triathlon, as an ex proffessional kickboxer, i used to be out on the road doing my run at stupid times, i also swam to build up shoulder strength and give the legs a rest. so when the body can't take the pounding anymore it's just a case of getting out on the bike. thats the simple part, what i really think is that people who take up martial arts are those who want to test themselves and only themselves, not the other 10 in the football team, you can have a bad day and still win. however in tri your on your own, they are people who want to test themselves in the hardest way they can think of. they are a little sadistic and enjoy pain??? well the others say that. it's not about winning anymore, we all get beaten sooner or later and martial artists know that only too well, but it's now about beating the clock. oh and finally it's great when you're behind a little stunner with a tight butt.
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