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hello all, please stand and be counted.

I am josh_woocha, 23, from Norwich. I have been competing in Triathlon for about three years now having met the sport at uni. I have a degree in Sports Management but currently run a hotel.

I ride an Orbea Euskaltel Euskadi 2004 team replica. I sold my soul, taking a second job in the American Embasy (or Maccie D's) during a uni summer to purchase it and it's now my pride and joy.

My strongest discipline is the swim but I most enjoy cycle training. I have completed three Olympic distance races and my goal for 2006 is get under 2hrs 15mins.


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    It looks like this is a fairly new forum (or at least updated) and most of the members seem to be new like myself. Thought it would be nice, while the community is still growing, to have a bit of a sensus and find out who's out there.

    To that end please use this thread to post a little bit about yourself. Maybe then all new users can get an overview of who's who.
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    Hi Josh

    I'm Joe and hail from Ireland, have only been in Triathlon for 1 season but am loving it. I come from a cycling background but am improving well in the other disciplines.............watch out everyone.

    Ride a Giant TCR and she is my babe without a doubt. Need to say that quietly or I will get shot.

    Hope to do the full season this year so training is going well. Anyone wishing to see how well it is going then go to www.ederney.btinternet.co.uk.
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    [:)]Hi Josh, I am Andy from Yorkshire, I am totally new to this and plan to compete for the first time in May. I have a long history in sports, ranging from swimming to running then bodybuilding and martial arts. I currently work full time lining someone elses pockets and work part time from home as an INDEPENDENT HERBALIFE DISTRIBUTOR to secure a decent future. I am extremely excited about taking up an extreme competitive sport like triathlon, and have just ordered my entry level bike (GIANT OCR3) to get started.[:D]
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    chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Josh

    I am Chis from South Yorkshire. I have been doing Duathlon and sprint Triathlon for about two years. My sporting background used to be football but a bad knee injury forced a change. This led to many years of road and cross country running and very recently into duathlon and triathlon. Obviously running is my strongest discipline and I find cycling most enjoyable but with much room for improvement. I swim like a brick - but at least now I can freestyle for a reasonable distance and I am improving...gradually.

    The bike I rode last season was an entry level Saracen Morzine but I have just upgraded to an Isaac carbon frame job - using the saracen as a winter bike at the minute as I daren't take the Isaac out on the mucky slippy roads yet!!

    I am a teacher in a large comprehensive (PE and ICT) for my sins - somebody has to do it! (no digs about holidays please!)

    Goal for this season - to try to get as high as possible in the national duathlon rankings.
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    Hello again, nice to see a few of you replying. Hello to a fellow martial artist, what's your style? I was more of a Shotokan guy although I dabbled in lots of others like Aikido, Iaido, tai-chi and Kickboxing. Chis, I'm making no digs about holidays but it must be nice having those six weeks in the middle of the triathlon season. Come on all you others, I've seen this post is getting a few hits, don't just lurk tell us who you are.
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    Aye up lads (n lasses when they log on). Last five years Josh I studied TAE KWONDO (itf style) to second degree black belt, but I also taught the russian special forces martial art of SYSTEMA (literal meaning, THE SYSTEM). Everyone out there looking in, sign on. For us new guys it's great to see what world we're getting in to. Tell us some tri stories or give us some great tips (obviously not too many).
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    Hi guys,

    I think I'm the first girlie to reply in this thread. Well, not girlie, more middle aged woman but there we go - it comes to us all.

    Have been doing Tri for 2 years now. Pathetic times - over various sprint and olympic distances - but *really* enjoying it. Massive improvements in all disciplines - swim is my best. I even love open water swimming now and I have got my husband doing tri too! This year's goal is a half-ironman in August.

    I still have my entry level Giant OCR which is fine. I want to upgrade to something pink, Italian and sexy soon but husband has bought 3 bikes in the last year so it's on hold for now.

    I would recommend joining a tri-club if you haven't already - I was terrified of joining mine but they are my best buddies now and winter training in particular is much safer in a group. In fact you can't really hope to train OW without a club.

    btw I am from Norwich originally (about 100 years ago) so glad to hear tri up there is live and kicking. Now a teacher based in Brighton.

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    Hi all,

    I am new to the sport having lost my triathlon virginity at the London Triathlon this year over the sprint distance. I have come into the sport from a reasonably sporty background in karate, squash and most recently running (1st marathon in 05 as well) but bored with just running. Disappointingly still ?racing? on a mountain bike but saving the pennies hard for something lighter. I was hoping to do the Olympic distance at London this year but being posted to Sydney over the summer (does anyone have any Australian contacts to find a good race?) and so can't compete. Thinking about Blenheim sprint before I go and then an Olympic when back in Sept/Oct, what good races are there at the end of the season?

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    nugeynugey Posts: 2
    hey folks im derek and im a 27 year old tri newbie from athlone in the center of ireland!

    i come from a strong running background and got into tri as id always been telling myself that if it wasnt for the fact that i coulndt swim id do a race,so back in feb i joined a tri club,got into the pool,bought a quintana roo caliente and 3 sprint,5 olympic dist and one half ironman and a few duathlons later im well and truly hooked.

    although im racing mainly here in ireland i think it would be interesting to see how our neighbours over the water are getting on as i know tri is massive in the uk,and its getting that way here too!

    still cant swim though[:D]
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    Steve Bradley, soon-to-be-57 from Casselman, Ontario. I've been doing triathlons since '00, having completed 39 of them, along with a few duathlons. Among the mix have been 11 half irons and two full irons; '06 will be dedicated to the 1/2, aiming for five of them. Running is my strength, although a neuroma has plagued me over the past nine months and will be removed in a couple of weeks. Swimming is my weakness, but recently I have made some encouraging strides; Robin Brew's sculling drills in issue #189 of 220 have been immensely helpful!!

    Hang in there, you all --- the off-season is moving along quite briskly, and it won't be long until race season is mercifully upon us once again!
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    Happy New Year to all Triathletes old and new. The more I read and see the more I am excited about this new adventure. I am 37 years old, and am planning to compete in my first sprint triathlon at the LINCOLN sprint Tri in May. My plans after that are to compete in the WAKEFIELD triathlon at Olympic distance before competing with team HERBALIFE at the LONDON tri, again at olympic distance. At the end of August I am also looking at maybe doing the CLUMBER PARK tri. I have now set myself a target of competing in my first IRONMAN event by the time I hit 40.

    Watch this space.

    If anyone out there is planning to do any of these tri's, it would be nice to say hello on the day, so keep logging on!!
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    jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hi Folks I'm new to tri having got bored with half marathon training. I live in Inverness and have yet to find a local tri-club. I'm aiming to ease myself in with a novice tri in April and then do a couple of sprint races over the summer. If anyone knows a tri-club in Inverness area can you let me know.
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    Just wanted to say hi.

    I have completed only one tri before - the London sprint in 2003 - this was after being challenged by a friend who dropped out way before the day.

    I really enjoyed it but had some injuries from playing basketball (local league) so did no more. Last year I left the basketball scene, after my team mates became utter ##### and did very little during the summer.

    So have not kept up my fitness and put on a little weight - the time has come to stop being on my computer (after this post) and get out and do some training.

    I am looking forward to complete several sprints this year and see how it goes from there.

    Lee aka: lowroller

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    Hello all

    I thought another girlie should get in on the act and introduce herself. I tried the London Triathlon in 2002 without any training and managed to scare myself off (as well as get VERY sunburnt - all newbies take note!). Joined a local club last year though but didn't do any races (as was skint - dammit, this sport is expensive!! - and didn't have a wetsuit!). I now have a wetsuit and plan on doing the Royal Windsor Olympic this year, cos the pictures looked nice in the last magazine!

    Come from a running background, though am far from being bean shaped (see login)! More chocolate roly-poly in a post-Christmas splodgy shape. Still, it's the taking part that counts!

    Love and lycra,

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    Hi Runnerbean,

    I'm doing Royal Windsor too - apparently it's a nice event but I haven't done it before. You're right that this sport is expensive but you can often get good stuff secondhand - either on e-bay or from magazines. When me and my dh joined our tri-club we found that pretty much anything we needed (cycleshoes, wetsuits, goggles, paddles, tri-bars, even sports drinks!) could be borrowed, scrounged or bought from someone who was upgrading or had made a bad purchase in the past. And in turn we have passed on a few bits and pieces that were not right for us.

    You don't need to have the best looking or top of the range kit. It's your body that has to be in shape - it's still *you* that has to get the bike up that hill, or negotiate the mass start! Better to have good technique and good base fitness than a sexy bike!

    Happy training - I am off work sick today and feeling unhappy about today's and tomorrow's missed sessions... :-(

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    hi folks . i've been doing tri for 7 years now , all distances . i come from a run background and ride a carbon fibre beasty the same shape as natascha badmanns . i also do aikido (1st dan) . this years major race is ironman uk in august , but i'll be doing some other shorter distance aswell . don't stress about missing sessions and don't try to catch up you'll not of lost any fittness from 2 days off . good luck in your races and training this year .
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    Hey all

    Pleased to see more and more names on this thread, is everyone emerging from hibernation after christmas?

    Just a couple of questions: drhildi, don't wish to break an unwritten rule or anything but you wouldn't happen to frequent a forum called mumsnet would you?

    The other question would be, what's the link between triathlon and martial arts? there seem to be a few of us. Think I might start that as a thread. See you around[sm=rolleyes.gif]
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Andy,37, from Newcastle and i broke my tri cherry last year at the Alnwick sprint in May. Unfortunately i also broke my finger in the race in the swimming pool (dont ask - i have no idea how!). The break was in a joint which meant i had to have surgery which wiped out the whole season - i am now training again for the Alnwick tri in May this year.

    Anyone else out there from the North East?

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    Think something about a new look website and a fab forum were mentioned in the latest mag, hence my visit. Anyone else see the same thing, or am I just imagining it? That, and post-Christmas enthusiasm for triathlon/boredom at work...!

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    RoscoRosco Posts: 5
    Hi Guys,

    My name is Ross and I'm 22 from Devon. Haven't been doing triathlon for too long, but prefer the longer distances particularly Ironman (recommend www.nxtri.com).

    Don't really have a favourite or strongest discipline, just like doing it all and pushing as hard as possible.

    I used to ride my pride and joy team edition Cannondale until I was hit by a car whilst cycling Lands End to John O Groats and back. It is now a mangled mess and leans lamely in my garage.

    Anyway, three operations on a broken knee cap later and I'm still not back to full training, although I do a got job of swallowing the pool.

    So, as a way of passing the time I have organised my own new event for 2006. Details of the Accelerace Extreme Triathlon are posted in the forum events page, and the website will be up in about two weeks. Any questions let me know.

    Happy Training All
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    RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi I'm Rob from Poole, Dorset. I've done one duathlon in my life, bit of running & cycling & not a lot of swimmimg. In fact I hadn't done a length of front crawl ever until Nov last year. I thrash the water to a foam when swimming but have been having lessons at a local pool. My advice to anybody whose swimming is poor is to swallow your pride & take some lessons. It'll be the best money you ever spend on the swim discipline. That's my advice for what it's worth. I've got my first tri in March (Mad March Tri - Wimborne) & I'm entered for Ironman 70.3 at Wimbleball in June (what have I done?!). Might see some of you there?
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    Started training March last year. Joined SLH Tri club in Coulsdon, makes training 10 x more enjoyable. Completed a couple of olympic, a few Sprints some aquathlons and the ballbuster last year. Going to be at the Beaver this year and trying to get 2:15 for olympic.

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    Ian from Durham (living in Coventry) - Done some running GNR a couple of times and mountain biked a fair bit in my teens. Though mainly rock climbing and mountaineering (though not all that frequently these days) as sports of choice

    Not done any multisport but fancy Tri/Duathlons as a interesting alternative to climbing .. and can be done away from a mountain (coventry doesnt have many)

    Rob - Ironman 70.3 and here's me panicing about doing my first tri as at olympic distance.... I am poor swimmer too and need to convience the wife I aint gonna drown before I can enter..
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    my name is Gilly from north London. I am one of the few females on this thread. Have never done a triathlon before but since I ran my first 2 marathons last year (Copenhagen and NYC) i felt i was up for another challenge. I used to be quite a strong swimmer and keen cyclist too so thought why not combine those with my love of running and entered London Triathlon olympic distance. Have still to buy a bike! Am abit worried about training (have no idea what i have let myself in for!) and thinking I will train up to half marathon distances in running to get my stamina and endurance to 2 hours. Will cycle to work and need to polish my swimming. Don't have a time goal for the triathlon having never done one before but between 3.5 and 4 hours sounds reasonable. I do run with a running club and am yet to join a tri club. I look forward to hearing more wonderful triathlon tales now i have joined this forum!

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    Mr TMr T Posts: 5
    Hi All

    I'm Toby, 27 from West Sussex.

    I'm a complete novice but I decided to get in to Tri just before Christmas 2005, to give me something to focus my training on.

    I was bricking it about the swim (literally having nightmares about it, particularly about open swims!) but, like Rob above, I invested in some lessons.

    I had my first on Jan 10 and could hardly swim 25m, I've been doing five swims a week to work on endurance and technique since then and completed my first 400m last Friday and my second on Sunday (timed at 7:43). I'm not sure if this is any good but I feel brilliant that i've even managed to go that distance. My girlfriend who came to time me was astonished, even muttering the words "you actually look like a proper swimmer"!

    I definitely have the bug and have already enlisted some mates to get into it too! I hope the events are all as fun as everyone says!

    Look forward to conversing with you all soon! [:)]


    PS - For some peverse reason I can't wait to buy an all in one Tri suit, must be a hangover from my lycra bound XC days!
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    Mr TMr T Posts: 5
    Oh, and one day i'd just love to do the Escape from Alcatraz tri in San Fran.... Or just the Escape from Alcatraz swim...







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    WardyWardy Posts: 2
    Morning all,

    Been tri-ing since 1994!!

    Just looked in my scrap book (if you don't keep one for events do!! it's great to look back and see your body shape change..hair loss etc!!!)

    First event was Hampton Pool!!!

    This year I'm doing the Etape de Tour so although I'm still looking to do some tris, the cycling is a priority.

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    pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi there

    Just thought I'd tip the balance back in favour of the women again. I've been in tri for 5 years, started because someone told me I was too old (I'm 50ish!), but I have no background in anything remotely athletic. Tri comes in 5th on my priority list because of work, kids etc etc so it's hard to fit the training in. I'm slow, but I'm in there doing it! Anyway, someone has to be at the back to make everyone else feel good!

    After 3 Olympics in the last 2 years, I've entered for Ironman UK 70.3 - but that was before I saw the bike route! Now I'm having a major panic and there aren't enough months between now and June .....

    Anyone else feel the same??

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    chischis Posts: 94
    Yep having those sorts of feelings myself. I'm trying to focus on an age group place at the World Duathlon Champs and the odd injury has held me back..along with the usual excuses (work, work and work) so like you I feel that there don't seem to be enough months between now and my first stab at qualification.

    After 3 olympic distance events under your belt and now contemplating Ironman UK, I take my hat off to you pacrfish whether you consider your self slow or otherwise!! Well done and keep at it.

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    RobRob Posts: 209
    Loonytoon - fortunately my first Tri isn't the 70.3. I've got about 5 sprint ones lined up before then. Still not looking forward to an open water mass start though.

    Mr. T - 7.43 for a 400m swim is pretty good. I'm a shade under 10 mins at the mo so you'd smoke me.

    Pacrfish - I did a reccy of the 70.3 bike route last week (in the car). Have you seen it yourself? It's 'challenging' shall we say. Might start a new thread with my observations.
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