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Off season training

Hi folks, I am currently in my base training mode and have come up with a problem. Once I decreased the intensity of sessions and went into hibernation, I have found an increase of 4lb. Is this normal or have you any ideas on how to beat this. Am I better to increase the intensity again as I really haven't changed my diet over the past few months. The only problem that I am having physically is pins and needles on the soles of my feet.




  • Hey Setanta

    It's pretty normal to put on a few pounds over the winter months as you decrease the intensity and get more into your base building phase. In season you should be at peak fitness and you'll often hear of athletes strugling to reach "Race Weight" for prime examples look at the annual press surrounding Jan Ulrich and his prep for the tour de france. The human body has a desire to retain "Insulation" over the winter months, it's an evolutionary survival thing, provided you engage in quality base sessions (i.e. distance work and steady state stuff) you should see a consistent improvement in stamina despite the extra couple of pounds.

    Take a look at your diet and the types of carbs you are taking on. If you've changed your training you should change your fuel type to accommodate energy needs.

    The important thing is not to worry (unless you gain serious poundage) and avoid the temptation to start higher intensity training too soon. Remember, you can't build your dream home unless you lay the foundations first.

    hope this helps, sorry I've waffled on

  • Thats great, I am doing the right things and don't really have a weight issue as such, just the old vanity thing. Will be fighting fit by April.

    Thanks Josh
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