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Training Schedules

I'm looking for a bit more structure to my training - does anyone know of any training schedules that I could have a look at? I am looking to begin my season at the end of March with some duathlon and get into some sprint triathlon by June.


  • Hey Chis

    Saw in your post on one of the other threads that you are already a fairly keen runner. In terms of improving your cycling the 'Lance Armstrong Performance Programme' by Chris Carmichael is really good. A lot of the info in it will be stuff you already know being a PE teacher but right in the middle there are three seven-week programmes which can be followed rigidly or easily adapted to your needs.

    In terms of swimming there is a ring binder available through the 220 book store, it's called something simple like 'swim workouts in a binder', I borrowed it from a mate about six months ago. It's really worth a look simple, effective, and easily accessible.

    Hope this helps.
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Thanks Josh I will try to get my hands on those.
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