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Derby Spring Tri

chischis Posts: 94
Hi Pat

Just had a look at the Derby Tri results. You seemed to do well, especially so in your category. Did you enjoy the event? If the weather was anything like I experienced down in Cambridge it should have been a very enjoyable day. Down in Cambs. the conditions were just about perfect. Hope you are happy with your splits.

Well done.



  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Sorry, I was slow to pick this one up ... Yes, not too bad a race. Don't know if they've corrected my split times yet but I was down for 20 mins too long on the bike, and 20 mins too short on the run (oh that I could run 6k in 11 minutes!). The overall time was correct.

    I'd had a migraine on the Sat, and really wasn't sure whether to do it because I still felt pretty grotty on Sun am, but I took it steady, and had really slow transitions. But maybe because I had to monitor how I felt, I kept it under control - well, except for a sprint finish when a man I'd just overtaken thought he would beat me to the line - he didn't!

    How did Cambridge go? Are you on track for your ambitions this season?
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Yep Cambridge was good-finished 5th in Category and have now qualified for the Age Group GB team for the World Duathlon Champs in Canada in July (eeek!!).

    Cambridge course was nice and flat, weather was perfect and the organisation was very good. I managed to improve on my Ashbourne performance in both runs and my bike leg felt better although I am still weak in that discipline. Transitions went well for a change - didn't panic and end up looking like a total prat like I did at East Leake! Going up to Edinburgh for the next National ranking Event this weekend and after that I am going to look for a couple of sprint Tris and concentrate on training for Canada.

    Shame about your migraine but it sounds as though you had a more controlled and thoughtful outing which Iam sure can help on occasions. I did wonder about the 11min 6k - I was going to ask you to let me have a copy of your training schedule!!

    What next then Pat?
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Well done! Canada sounds fantastic and terrifying - what is the date? With Edinburgh as well you're going to be very well travelled. Do you train for the transitions? Any tips?

    I've been down to Wimbleball a couple of times in the last few weeks to do the bike course for the IronmanUK 70.3. The first time I completely lost it - scared myself on the downhills, and then lost confidence and had to walk up the hills. I've had to put in some serious hill work in Derbyshire, and last week was a big improvement. But I'm going to be very slow, and the name of the game is just survival. (Think I could have picked an easier one for my first half!). All I'm doing before that is the Grendon Lakes Sprint tri (Northampton) at the end of May because that will give me an open water swim before the horrors of Wimbleball Lake in June.

    After that I'll do East Leake because it's so close, then we'll see. Maybe Clumber Park, then my (much younger) sister tells me she has entered us both for the Nottingham marathon ... and I've never run more than 13.1 miles ...

    Good luck for this weekend. Let me know how you get on.

  • chischis Posts: 94

    Yes it is a bit scary - never travelled that far before and taking a bike is going to be interesting! But looking forward to it.

    I must say the half Ironman is a big challenge and I have to admire you for taking it on. I don't think my body could last it out at any pace. Good luck with it and the other evnts you have planned.

    Could possibly bump into you at East Leake again!

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