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How did you rate the event you have just completed?

chischis Posts: 94
Hi folks

Just thought I'd start a little thread where we could give feedback (constructive and positive please) about the events that we have taken part in which may be of interest and help to others.

I've just done the Cambridge Duathlon and I have to say it was terrific. Extremely well organised, a good course, convenient parking, a pleasant venue, chip timing and loads of fantastically helpful volunteers. Somebody even organised perfect weather conditions as well.

Congratulations and thanks to Cambridge Tri Club and all associated with the organisation - I for one will be back next year. A great atmosphere, great competiton and a very friendly event.



  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Well, looking back at the Sevenoaks Triathlon that I did the other day I have to say hats off for an incredibly well organised race. There was no sense of panic and I started off at my allocated time, the swim lanes only had two people per lane which was superb. The bike was well marshalled and signed which was great; as was the run.

    The only down side as a racer was that the bike racking left something to be desired (was a bit crammed whilst other areas had loads of space), and the way the actual course was set out wasn't overly great for spectators. (I suspect this goes for many triathlons)

    All in all a great day.
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    The Steyning event last weekend was also a good one, no chip timing but everything else. Max 4 to a lane in the pool which meant the bike route was clear and there were no problems with drafting, this must be fairly common on the rolling start tris. well marshalled, and enjoyable (even in the rain)

  • rebborebbo Posts: 58

    did the Stratford Tri on Sunday, which I thought very good. Well marshalled throughout, enough room in the pool, gentle bike route & decent enought run (although bit narrow in places). Provisional results available on the day or on the website last night, so pretty slick.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Rebbo, how did you get on?

    Re Statford..

    Yeah I though it was pretty well organised event there was a small problem with the turning point for the run didn't seem all that logical...

    The traffic lights and road works weren't ideal which would prevent a good time (even with the time allowance) weaving through the traffic isn't possible at max effort...

    All that said the traffic problems arent the organisers fault....who were well trained and gave pretty clear and early instructions

  • chischis Posts: 94
    Edinburgh Duathlon-British Duathlon Champs and National Ranking Series Event. (Sat 13th May)

    Superb venue based at the Commonwealth Pool and Holyrood Park with lots of events going on including Elite Duathlon, Age Group races and Youths Juniors and Novices involved in Triathlon. The weather looked dodgy on Friday night but although windy on the day the sun shone and conditions were good.

    The organisation was very good as you would expect in a high profile event and thanks must go to the masses of volunteers who were on duty all day to make things run smoothly. To run so many events on one day was a tall order but it worked thanks in no small part to some hard working organisers and no doubt lots of planning and good relationships with the local authorities in Edinburgh.

    The course was "interesting", picturesque, technical in places and challenging - up and down Arthur's Seat 4 times on the bike!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to going back next year when the venue will host the European Duathlon Champs (even if it is only to watch!).

    I would definitely recommend it to others and good for a weekend away as well with races being on a Saturday.

  • rebborebbo Posts: 58
    really pleased thanks Loony - first race of first season, so very happy. Despite 3 months of training, I still swim like a brick, so 8 mins for that was a good result. Bike maybe a bit disappointing, but sitting at the traffic lights didn't help my 51 mins & the run went pretty well at 20 mins. Good start to the season!

    How about you?
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    haha you fairly kick my arse there then

    9:49 swim

    54 bike

    28 run

    Wasn't 2 bothered about the lights but having to skim past the que of traffic at the road works cost time... I was really surprised as to how much "engery" I had at the end of the bike and how quickly it vanished 100m into the run...

    I am mildly annoyed at my self I took the swim as easy as I did mainly through fear of over doing it and ruining the bike...main things is I learn alot the main one being my bike isn't set up quite right hence my blue fingers and I need to work on pacing runs..

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    East Grinstead Tri 14/05/06

    Well, I had an ugly start time (0700) meaning I was with the first wave. ( I had overestimated how long my swim would take). Have to confess it was nice leading the race if only briefly.

    The event itself was well organised, it was possible to turn up the day before and pre-register, which was useful as it wasn't the easiest place to find and on the day they discourage parking near the leisrure centre (so regular users can park up), that results in you having to park a bit further away but its no biggy.

    Three swimmers to a lane, well organised transition area which was secure, the ride was clearly signed, unfortunately having had a fast bike by the time I started the run I was catching marshalls off gaurd and out of position (was amsuing seeing them having to run to get to the right place to direct me) I did see one guy turn the wrong way because of this.

    Nice free long sleeve shirt and a new coffee mug. All in all a good event!
  • rebborebbo Posts: 58
    so lots of brick sessions planned to improve running off the bike then? Good that you learnt about set-up & can improve bike time (& finger colour) for next time though. What was wrong - and how can your fingers go that colour?
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Yeah I plan to run off the bike almost every time i ride it...only ~1km around the block "bike only sessions"

    The problem was(at least this is the remote diagnossis of my mate who helped me set up the bike) I was leaning 2 far forwards when I was using the drops on my bike so my weight was going through my arms on the handle bars rather than on through my back side onto the seat - hadn't spotted it before because it was the first time I had spent some much time leaning forward...

    lack of circulantion to finger tips because of the weight I was putting on my wrists and hands caused the blue colour

  • rebborebbo Posts: 58
    aha - gotcha. I had a similar problem with reach, causing terrible neck pain after a v. short time on the bike a shorter stem sorted me out. You might want to think about that instead, since moving your saddle will also affect your pedal stroke & may cause knee pain. Have you seen the bike set-up piece in 220 this month?
  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hi folks,

    Just to follow up Chis's comments re: Edinburgh. I did the sprint tri and organisation was perfect. Great marshalling, clear directions and a fantastic bike course. I only had to do two laps of the Arthurs seat course but loved every minute of it.

    One thing I wasn't sure about was the mini wave format in the pool. This involved four setting off in one lane at the same time. When you got to the end of lane 1 you all turn under the lane rope into lane 2. It really was a bit of a scrum and my swim time - although as expected - could have been much better as there were a few times I had to stop and do breast stroke to prevent a collision with the swimmer in front of me. I'm sure its like this in open water starts but at least there's a bit more elbow room. [:@]

    The event itself was fantastic and I would thorougly recommend it to anyone.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    yeah - I have 220 here at work and will be looking at that... gonna buy some bits for me bike next week (bigger chain ring, seat) so will see how the seat move pans out first then add if need be other bits
  • trudgertrudger Posts: 61
    Re: Stratford Tri

    This was my first ever tri. Entered the "novice - fun" event.

    I found that the staff were extremely helpfull, and answered all my ever-so-obvious question without fail.

    Very well orgainsed event, excellent for a first timer.
  • Blenheim triathlon:

    First one (no longer a tri virgin!!), so I can't compare it to others, but it seemed to be a superbly organised event in a fantastic setting.

    Good points: Beautiful grounds/view, a bike route without any cars, well marshalled, good transition area, efficient check-in and plenty of equipment sellers for last minute purchases, easy to park, a 'big event' feeling.

    Bad points: Awful weather - warmer and drier once we were in the water than before, long uphill route from the swim exit to transition (400m, most on carpets but some on gravel - and the walk down to the swim was all in inch deep mud on a steep hill), long car queues on the road into Blenheim (expect to be queuing for up to 30 mins, so leave plenty of time).

    Also, and just a personal gripe, every time I put my head under water on the swim, the entire lake shifted 30 degrees to the left, meaning that I kept swimming in completely the wrong direction. I'm sure I swam at least 900m, not 750. And it can't possibly have been my fault...... I think I might need to practice my sighting drills.

    Anyway, overall verdict is excellent event, superb setting, shame about the weather. Will definitely repeat next year.

    The stats were 1hr35m

    swim 18.43 (but deserve credit for swimming large parts of the lake that none of the other competitors did)

    Bike 43.17 (v.wet and treacherous)

    Run 25.17 (happy)

    transitions 5.41 and 2.41 - must practice

  • RewRew Posts: 62
    Blenheim Sunday 21st May.

    Great setting, Crap weather.

    Great Oraganisation, Crap weather.

    Great Marshalling, in Crap weather.

    Will be back next year hopefully not in Crap weather.

    Roll on Windsor!!
  • chischis Posts: 94
    I take it that the weather was crap then Rew!!!! Ha Ha!! p****d it down here too (S Yorks) so had to train on the turbo trainer - a real Jessie as they say in these parts!! Never mind I'm sure you enjoyed it in a sick sort of way! Hope it goes OK at Windsor and hope the sun shines!! You have got to hand it to the volunteers on days like that - where would we be without them?

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Grendon sprint tri (750, 20, 5)

    Mud, waterlogged ground in transition, more mud on all exits/entrances from transition. Led to the great debate - clip shoes onto pedals & get very muddy feet, or put cycles shoes on in transition and get mud in cleats??

    Marshalls & organisers all very friendly & helpful, but revisions to course and late start meant build up of traffic - on one part of the cycle route we had lanes of cars in both directions queueing to get by cyclists on both sides of the road. Must have been very frustrating for the 'alpha males' in the last wave trying to negotiate the cars to overtake us slowcoaches from earlier waves.

    Lake good for swim - relatively clean and clear(ish) and easy entrance/exits from lake.

    Some problems with timekeeping meant that some run times were missed.

    Not going to post my times - too awful - would have been better if they'd missed mine!!

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    PAt - you completed the course mud n all .. so you a winner & sod the times
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Thanks madnurse - you make me feel better!!
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Cheshire Sprint Tri (500m/20km/5km)

    Cant fault it at all ... so well organized (have to say that my wife was one of the marshalls) it was tho.

    swim was a little odd in a 33yd outdoor satwater pool using duck n under every 4 lengths but it seemed to work (got a foot in the face & lost a contact lens).

    T1 went a dream (trisuit definately a timesaver).

    bike was hilly in places. Good pace throughout & yeh felt good catching road bikes on my mtb although wont be drinking as much towards dismount.

    T2 in & out gone.......

    run was 4 laps around a playing field which was grassy undulating and in places muddy. So I thought leave my mtb shoes on. seemed a good idea (at first ... although later the lack of socks did chew my toes a little (ow) legs felt so heavy at first but soon found my rythm.

    overall though my first tri this year went really well ... 1hr 10min 61st (TBC)........chester tri come on !!!!!!!!!!!

    madnurse (phil)
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    That's a good start Mad.

    Yesterday Arundel Long (800/40/10)

    Well organised, friendly, results on web confirmed same evening.

    Swim - i have only swum 800 in one go ever and it wasn't yesterday!! Pool has naff lane ropes so loads of cross turbulence, high wall at deep end, no T marks on the floor. 250m F/c then blew it and had to Breaststroke for several lengths, ended up doing about half and half and lost 90 secs in swim time. My problem but more equivalent to an open water swim.

    Bike - Hilly 2 lap, loved it but not sure that it is really 40k, more like 35. Hit a big pothole with 10 miles to go and the Right arm rest and pad of my tribars flew off (I didn't stop to retrieve it) the rest of the ride was odd as my shoulders were unbalanced.

    Run - Hilly, with large steep hill thrown in for good measure, took 5 mins for legs to work but ok then, did walk a little up one or two hills.

    Result - 28/68 18:26,1:07:01,45:58 = 2:11:25 T1 in swim time, T2 in Run time.

    Chuffed but humbled.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    mad that is quick man...well done..were did you finish?

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI Ian - thanks I came 61st my split was 12 / 41 / 17 (timings to be comfirmed when result go on live today) have got some work to do on my swim for my next. Learnt not to run off bike in my mtb shoes although it meant i had one the fastest T2 times & a good run time they didnt half chew my toes (ow). live and learn eh !!!!
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    yeah ,, I haven't upgraded to clipless yet so did stratford bike in my trainers and no socks worked really well and must have saved a load of time in T2.. this will change when I get clippless.. for next season probably

    with my trainers being bulky its difficult to get my feet in the clips but probably made up for it more in time saved in T2

    yup your swim seems "slower" than the rest of it but on a par with mine..I need to get my running up to speed if I am gonna have a hope of this pint at london ;)

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782

    swim 00:12:18 / bike 41:42:00 / run 16:47:00 / total. 01:10:47

    adjusted pos'n 70th/343 finishers

  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    That's a really good run time Mad, specially after the swim and ride.

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    thanks .. am really pleased with my results ... next challenge is to get my number of my body without a skin graft before my next race
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Nice one mad...that is a good time..

    getting the number off your body is a slow process...I resorted to letting normal skin shedding do the trick..


    Welcome to the other side of tri

  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    What did they use for the swim number, was it a marker pen? surgical spirit will remove it.

    I haven't done one yet where they actually number you into the pool.

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