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How did you rate the event you have just completed?



  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    cheers, alomst the same time as last year but finished further up the table, everyone else is getting slower.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    fighting the ageing process better [:)]
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    YEsterday - East Sussex Fire & rescue tri at brighton. 400/28/5K but not fast and flat!

    Organisation was good and friendly, swim was in open air salt 20m pool (20 lengths) transition on grass bike route challenging, up Ditchling beacon which must be 1:6 at places and is 1.5 km long, but you then come down the other side.

    The only camera on the course was the speed camera (40mph) at the bottom of a hill where we were doing 50mph! Will we get the photos?

    Run was around a school field and along a gravel path 3 times (remembered the elastic bands) quite tough with short steep inclines.

    Really pleased as only two people older than me beat me and i came 15th overall.

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Salford ITU Sprint (750m. 20km. 5km)

    wow fast bike - lots of tight corners ( a few spills - ouch ) & a nice run happy with that .. even managed a much improved swim, for the first time i was consistantly overtaking people rather than been swam over as has been case before. didnt realise (well not 'til i hit the run) i broke my toe just before the swim (dumb ass managed to kick a metal barrier* as was walking down to the swim) - all in all good race and got my head really focused for London ..

    1hr 22 (tbc) dunno splits as yet

    madnurse Phil [8D]

    * the barrier made a nasty comment about my mother (..............i'll get my coat)

    confirmed -

    pos. cat pos.bib. name. m/f. cat. swim. T1. Bike. T2. run. total


    "Transition times will be long as the runs for both swim to bike and bike to run are in excess of 200m."
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Mad - Is that really 25 mins for 12.5 miles! and 11 minutes for T2 inc 200m run! Wish i had been there to see that.

    Today - Totton Tri near Southampton, 400m/24k/6.5k

    pool swim was good but unusual, for me, down and back across 4 lanes (8 lengths) climb out walk back to start repeat. Felt good.

    T1 good but dropped number belt so lost just a few seconds.

    Bike gradually uphill and against wind for first 6 miles or so, some sharp turnings. Then faster home - nearly embedded in Audi estate as he emerged from right hand turning looked at me and then kept coming - i was doing 50k at the time. Then got held up slightly by the Cows crossing the road nearly had to wait til the cows came home[:(] Fought back and forwards with a bloke on a Cervelo P2 which kept me on my toes, I had caught him with the cows but couldn't drop him.

    In T2 i caught my front wheel on a wall as we ran through, 130psi exited very explosively!

    Run was reasonable, could do better.

    Good event, well signed and marshalled. Good organisation.

    Times not confimed yet, will put them up ASAP.

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    that was cut n pasted from salford tri site earlier today .. looked again at the site and it has all changed

    swim (19.41) T1 (00.30) bike (37.29) T2 (03.13) run (21.42) total (01.22.34)

    dont know how they have managed to adjust the figures esp given the 200m run into transition (odd)

    ah well - I finished ...I drank san miguel - enough said !!
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Got my results:

    Swim 8:53 includes 200m run and T1

    Bike 44:34 Includes T2

    Run 28:42

    Total: 1:22:09

    Important point 27th/120 finishers. 11th old man (M40-49)

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    London Tri....

    oh my god ... how huge an event ???

    swim - had so much adrenanline fuelled anxiety before start was unreal (to point of nausia). Once in water started to relax and become more focused. Can see why others remained panicky we had around 300 starters in my wave. (so much for BTA recommendations). swim itself went well finding my stroke rythym quickly and made good gound on outward leg. Course was a simple 750m out n back. Took a few digs around the outer marker bouys and just couldnt get back my stroke as before for ages and lost some ground but kicked back in to finish strong. Was also concious of somene drafting off me for what felt like ages which was off putting. Bit annoying that the marshalls were stopping everyone to ask if they alright. this casued a bottleneck on the ramp .... plus a bt unusual wetsuits had to be removed on the ramp. swim never my strong point but happy having started towards back to leave water with around 1/4 of the group still swimming.

    T1 - transition for those who dont know is like an airfield (i kid you not) so took a while to run in let alone reach my bike and get sorted. (again felt nauseous...but passed once off on bike). could have been quicker through T1 but is improving

    Bike - once out into fresh air felt really good and starting making up places from the swim (probably one of the flattest & therefore faster bike sections I have done yet) - eating drills with gels from training worked wonders even managed one in the tunnel (with sunglasses on) flat out. only saw one drafter.

    T2 - much quicker thru transistion this time around and out onto run feeling good.

    run - hadnt appreciated the heat until started run (it was around 29 - 30 deg at 1330) - got into stride quickly (maybe a little too quicklky) and despite making up further places felt sickly on several occasions with a unpleasant taste of gel bouncing back up . two laps around docklands was certainly a test of metal but had plenty of suport from crowd and a good number of people to chase to keep my mind going . part of run took you past a pub (lots of noisy drunk support plus having to run through fumes from a huge BBQ). toe still a bind (broke it last week at Salford) but less so on 2nd lap.

    finish was inside Excel centre with big crowd cheering major boost to get my finishers bottle of Michelob (& some funny looking bottle opener on a ribbon that didnt work too well). Met up with LOON & Mrs LOON (top nice people indeed ... except he forced me to consume copious amount of guinness....not having drank much for 6 months I lost count after a few pints). most people were so friendly the odd arogant fool but most wonderful happy people giving it their all.

    so many first timers out there enjoying themselves regardless of ages or ability - quality to watch and be part of...


    swim 00.35.35 (PB)

    bike 01.14.01

    run 43.59

    total 02.40.08

    pos'n 42/310

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    can I just point out that I forced him todo nothing he was 6 pints in before I even reached him ;)

    to give an idea of the scope of tranisition if anyone saw top gear a few weeks back where they drove and f1 car inside all bar the breaking zone of that very hall was tranisition..

    The offical run distance was 9.8km I think that was because to get out of trans you had to run 200m first


    It was a top event...

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