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What does everyone do when they feel a cold coming on?

Okay... I'm in a bit of a quandry! I feel that tickle at the back of my throat and fuzzy head that usually means I've got a cold coming on. I'm not as far on in my training as I'd hoped to be so don't want to lose valuable training time but know if I push too hard and don't shake the thing off I might be laid up for longer. What does everyone else do? Push or back off?

Sniff Sniff...help![:'(]



  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI JAzz !!!!

    the psycho in me says stop being a wimp and get out there HOWEVER ... the nurse in me knows better .. it would probabaly more prudent to play cool take a day or two off ... pamper your case of man flu before getting stuck back in albeit gradual for a day or two. Better a few days chill time now than a few weeks out cos you didnt later .... was in a similar situation but knew if i continued to train as I have been recently with my cold I would end up on my ars3 t1ts up and missing out on races later........

    plus is a great means to get the girlfriend / wife to swab your fevered brow whislt you watch the rugby / football / whatever ...

    good luck !!!!!!!!!!

    madnurse (phil)
  • SetantaSetanta Posts: 42
    Sorry for being premature Madnurse and getting away from Triathlon. All Englishmen, not advisable to watch the rugby as it will be very painful. You might need a lot more consoling than a cold. Normally at this stage I have put my size 9 in it.

    [:)] [:)] [:)] [:)]
  • duphduph Posts: 13
    Hate to be boring but the old wives tales are true on this.

    When we get a cold flu sometimes our muscles ache due to some muscle inflammation.

    Remember the heart is a muscle, it too can get a little inflammed; usually there are no warning signs, no symptoms, only problem is the incidence of sudden death from ventricular fibrillation goes up phenomenally! I have known of several young people drop dead from this!

    Personally I got a viral myocarditis after a virral illness but became symptomatic (uncommon) and was wiped out for a month, I was short of breath on minimal exertion. I had to have a complete cardiac workup. Three months later I was back to normal but with a realistic fear of viral ills!

    Personally I now dramatically reduce my training for anything other than the simpleast stuffy nose for 10-14 days.

  • I take extra vitamin C and ease off on the training. This might sound gross but now I wash my hands when I get to work and when I get home after travelling on public transport - I swear I'm not as ill so often. And I take those pro-biotic yoghurty drinks, I think they also keep me healthier generally.
  • pugwashpugwash Posts: 8
    I'm no medic but I'm with "Lookie here" on this one I'm over paranoid with washing my hands and sometimes find myself using my knuckles at cash machines and entering door codes (Sad! I know but have only had 1 cold (3 weeks off) in the last 3 years)

    The general rule I follow is, if I feel less than 100% I back off and if it feels like it's going to be anything below the neck. E.g. Chest infection I stop

  • the_moidthe_moid Posts: 23
    typical, read this post in the week, went to london for work for 2 days, come back with a cold - first tri is one week tomorrow [:(] and i am feeling crappy ....
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