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Sore shoulder

jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
Hi folks,

Any idea what a dull ache at the bottom of my shoulder blade means? Seems to be worse when sitting typing on the laptop. Its been developing over the last few weeks and although I've cut back on swimming a bit its not really helped. I tried an ice pack last night but it seemed to make it worse!



  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi Jazz - coud be a million and one things (esp with the shoulder) however do not fret. athe fact hat it is a dull ache and not pain is a good sign more so that you have taken action now and not later. I guesssing that it has been a gradual onset that you are now becoming aware of rather than a sudden onset of discomfort. It may be due to a number of factors

    [ul][*]training levels - are you possibly overtraining (? recovery betweeen is as important)

    [*]technique - if you employing poor posture or technique this may account for the joint becoming impinged (this can be prominent in swimming with uni-lateral breathers)

    [*]re-occurance of inury or compensaroty imbalance from such ????

    [*]or it may be a posture issue from your desk ???[/ul]

    i think you have done right to step out of activity for a few days ... is it possible for you avoid typing for a while as well to let things setlle down. use of ice & rest will help. then maybe try introducing one activty such as swimming (at easy pace & level) & see how things go. if things re-occur then you will know. It may also be useful to get your technique looked at to see if you have imbalance.

    failing that then consider seeing your gp / physio

    madnurse (phil)

  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Cheers nurse.. I am a unilateral breather, despite trying bilateral as often as I can at higher work levels I go into oxygen debt really quick if I breathe bilaterally.

    I'm in the writing up stages of my PhD so not typing is not an option.. deadline is far too close!![:@]

    I'll speak to the coach on thurs about my technique and see what story is!

  • Jaz

    Hope the shoulder's better. If not, I had exactly the same thing earlier this year - I had to avoid sleeping on my left side for the best part of two months, though it never actually stopped me from training or gave me any pain when I was swimming. I looked for information on the web and apparently "swimmers shoulder" is a common complaint - if you key it in to google then there are several sites (medical and swimming) that give advice on how to avoid it. Most of the causes seem to be on your swimming style/posture and on the warm up/warm down routines. Unfortunately they're not much use in advising how to get rid of it - mine eventually went, but it took nearly 2 months before I was completely ache-free.


  • While we're on the subject of injuries....

    After almost every run I feel a slight pain in the middle back of my left hamstring. It never hinders me (or hurts) when I'm actually running and only appears afterwards. This has been pretty much constant for the last few months. I've tried resting and doing just swims, including one 3 week break from running, but the ache just returns the next time I run. Any advice on what it might be/how to get rid of it? - at the moment it makes no difference to my run times and soon fades, but I'm slightly concerned that it may indicate some deeper injury or may get worse. I try to stretch before and after each piece of exercise and also do warm ups/warm downs. Thanks in advance.


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Tri, you may want to try yoga, or alternatively speak to a sports physio as there are a range of streches that can be used to target different parts of the muscle and it may be your just not being specific enough with the stretch.

    Alternatively you may have some muscle tension caused by micro scarring and tears (not sure what the technical terms are; Phil?) this can cause similair discomfort to what your describing so it could well be worth getting a few sports massages and seeing if that doesn't free it up, I had a simialir problem with cramps in my calf (was all very odd, sometimes set in after five minutes other times after an 1hr, and it would trigger no matter which discipline) after a few massages it was sorted and hasn't troubled me since.

    Jaz, it could be worth while when you speak to your coach to get him to see if your engaging your chest muscles enough (I had a this problem) my left shoulder was sore (prone to dislocation as it hyper extends or some such) and my swim technique was rubbish, I wasn't using my chest muscles at all and the whole strke was being powered by my shoulder muscles hence the pain.
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