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Anyone else got post racing blues?

I had last race of the year on sunday and am now thorougly depressed at not having any tri's to do until next april (I could do the new years day one in Edinburgh but we're having a party in inverness on hogmanay!)

I've set my goals for next season (Aberfeldy half IM and Knockburn standard are going to be my two big races) - get 750 swim down to 12:30 - 10k run down to 40 mins and 10mtt(bike) down to somewhere around 26 mins. Now I have nothing to do until I start base training in November - I can't even get excited about training for the 10k (2 weeks on sunday) and the half marathon.




  • I have my last Tri this Sunday and will probably feel much the same afterwards, however having spent the last decade running and feeling fit and reasonably fast now i have timetabled a 10m and 2 half marathons for the autumn. I am looking forward to the new season knowing that i will be faster because of the base training i will put in over the winter.

    I know that the off season should be a time when your training reduces but for Tri you need:

    2-3 runs a week 1 being 6-10 miles

    2-3 bikes per week 1 being 40 - 60 miles

    2 swims per week 1 being technique based

    But that's what i'm doing now[&:]

    Don't worry Jazz, which of the three disciplines do you enjoy most? Just get out and do some of that without the stress of races looming. Give yourself a month of light training and then set your timetable.

  • jaz - are you still up for Orkney middle dist next year ... i know is a way offf but am sorting my diary for next year (esp financially) .... found this on TT dunno if of interest to you mate


    starting to plan my races for next year has actually helped to ward off post race blues as it then provides imputus & direction for the of season training. The other side of sorting next years stuff out now is that many races fill up quickly.

    just a thought....

  • Isn't this normally called withdrawl symptons [:)]

    you'll be reet as soon as you get a fix[&:]

  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hey Mad,

    Not sure what to do about Orkney -- it looks fab and I'm going to do their standard next year... I wonder if they'll run it again next year given they only got 13 individuals? I may do the Aberfeldy one instead which is in August and is supposed to be a bit of a beast! I'm going to contact the guys at Orkney and see if they'll do it again!
  • jaz - let me know what you find out. I can recommend a little race in the lakes around that time if not.
  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Talking of little races... anyone fancy doing this next year?

  • no swim or run .... huh
  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    It could be arranged!!!
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Big time blues.

    My first year of tri and i only had two sprint races planned, the last of which was on the 9th July. Work went mental during July so I didn't even have time to train.

    Got the Run London 10km race in October but thats it. Really missing the training aspect as well as I need goals to get me focussed.

    Signed up for the London Olympic distance next year so I guess I had better start swimming again soon. I like DoTriHarders off season plan so I may base something on that.

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