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Diet - what I ate today!



  • Hi All

    I have decided I am going to join in this thread as since starting tri training about 3 months ago I have proceeded to put about 1/2 stone on!!! Have a vague idea what I am doing wrong (training more now than I ever have but using it as an excuse to eat too much chocolate!), but keeping a food diary will help me keep a check of myself.

    Yesterday I was mostly eating:

    Breakfast - Porridge with raisins

    Lunch - Egg mayonnaise sandwich on brown bread, packet of worcester sauce french fries and a Longley Farm live yogurt (raspberry)

    Afternoon snack - maltesers and a few boiled sweets

    Dinner - Home made corned beef hash with 2 small yorkshire puds, some jelly beans and 1/2 a pack of after eight sweets.

    Drinks - hot water throughout day, 1 cup black coffee, 2 cups tea with skimmed milk, no sugar.

    Just read that back and it doesn't sound great does it! Thats it, I'm cutting the chocolate - no more maltesers.

    Back tomorrow with a much more respectable food diary :-D
  • TeaJayTeaJay Posts: 29
    wow, maybe i eat better than i thought....

    you guys eat a lot of meat as a rule, in my opinion anyway.



    jacket potatoe with can of mackerel, salad with balsamic viniger

    cuscus, can of tuna and a dash of tobasco

    snax through the day:

    apple, plum and low fat stawberry yogurt

    2 low fat digestives


    cornflakes, and muligrain bar

    salam and prawn risotto with beans

    tonight, probably the remaining cuscus and tuna again.

    snax, apple and a low fat yogurt.

    2 low fat digestives. (my only pleasure ?!?!)

    I only eat meat at weekends, fish and pulses midweek ! great rule as weekend meals are something to look forward to.

  • Ok.....first entry have only just found it.

    Breakfast - Granola with Raisins

    Snack - Protein shake (post training)

    Lunch - Prawns and Salmon with a roasted sweet potato, with some thai sweet chilli saue for dipping!

    Snack - 100g Strawberries and Natural "fate free" Yogurt

    Dinner (will be) - Roasted Veg (sweet potota, parsnips, mushrooms, onion) with lean protein (fish/turkey/chicken)

    Snack - Yogurt with strawberries.

    Not too bad i think, this is my typical day too. Dont eat sweets, but can have the odd cheeky pack of chrisps or buttered toast if feeling weak!!
  • BeanoBeano Posts: 15
    I am 183cm and 87ish kgs.

    Trying to get to about 80ish kgs.

    Brekkie is usually

    7am weetabix or porridge, 1 slice of brown toast with peanut butter and glass of oj

    10.30am Banana and bottle of yazoo choc milk.

    1pm chicken salad / ham, cheese and tomato sandwich or mini baguette.

    4pm cup of tea and maybe snickers somedays

    then try to get dinner if I am working till 4, at about 6ish, which is usually some mash, meat and veg, keeping the mash to one scoop, go training, then maybe small bowl of cereal about 9.30ish.

    Any alterations I should make?
  • Oh dear, fell off the wagon again yesterday! Started off with good intentions but the team meeting biccies got the better of me!

    Breakfast - Porridge and Raisins

    Lunch - Jacket spud, no butter, beans and brown sauce, Longley Farm live yogurt

    Afternoon snack - Large bakery cookie (double choccie chip)

    Dinner - grilled salmon, small jacket spud with cheese, veggie rice and a splodge of parsley sauce, fab ice lolly to finish

    Evening snack - Huge red delicious apple - yum!

    Drinks - Hot water through day, 1 x costa black coffee

    Think thats everything!

  • Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    Mine is same every single day.

    Breakfast - Porridge or 3 weetabix

    Mid Morning - Apple or bananna

    Lunch - 250 g brown rice with either 1 tin chopped tomatoes or 1 tin beans

    Mid Afternoon - apple or bananna

    Dinner - chicken or fish with veggie's

    snacks - Fruit

    Drinks - 4 litres of water a day & coffee ( about 5/8 cups per day every day)

    Been eating that now for about 3 months, have lost nearlly a stone, and gained time on bike and run.
  • Breakfast: White coffee, 2 weetabix with banana skimmed milk and canderel

    Mid morning apple and black coffee with canderel

    Lunch: large salad with beans and pulses and can of tuna, dash of balsamic and olive oil

    Mid afternoon apple and oatcake thing

    Dinner: pasta with pesto, or baked potato with baked beans and low fat sausages
  • Suppose I had better 'fess up after the weekend and then I can draw a line and start over.

    Saturday was 30th birthday parties (not mine) and as such consisted of lots of buffet food and white wine.

    Sunday was hangover recovery so I am ashamed to say I had to have a Big Mac to cure it.

    Monday was OK - I had a cooked breakfast, lean bacon, half fat sausage, beans toms, brown toast no butter and an egg fried in olive oil. For tea I had a chicken sag and boiled rice (and a little bit of peshwari nan - sorry)

    So, to today:

    Breakfast - Porridge with raisins

    Lunch - Jacket spud, tuna, salad, coleslaw, live yogurt

    Dinner (will be) - Ostrich Steak, organic fresh veg and potatoes (looking forward to that - never has ostrich before)

    Drinks - hot water and 2 cups of tea

    There are no snacks in the house so not in a position to binge this evening at least.

    Seriously back on the plan now with less than 3 weeks to go til my 1st sprint distance event. Hopefully my entries will show a vast improvement going forward.
  • Just found this thread - think I need the discipline of posting here to help me shed those extra pounds. Ooh there's nothing as shameful as having to write it all down is there - well... here goes


    Breakfast - 1 slice of brown bread and a boiled egg

    rooibosh tea

    11am Cappuchino and a kit kat

    Lunch Courgette soup and some crackers

    Rooibosh tea

    Supper Lentil Bake with new potatoes and french beans, 2 glasses of red wine, 2 large glasses of water

    later on 1/2 a small bag of maltesers (luckily by better half ate the rest)


    Breakfast - Porridge and raisins

    Rooibosh Tea

    11am sesame seed snack bar and black coffee and then a digestive cos someone offered me one!

    lunch - lentil bake and salad, small bag of maltesers, nectarine and black coffee

    tonight will be...

    either Pasta or Risotto with veggies of some kind
    Hey, i read about food diars in a magazine and it said it was supposed to really help you loose wieght. so im gonna try and see if it helps :)

    Breakfast: Bowl of special k cerial (sorry, im the worst speeler EVER) with simi- skimmed milk and a cup of tea

    Dinner: Bowl of special K cerial with simi-skimmed milk

    And i had a Teacake with butter at work...which i probally shouldnt of had but i did anyway.
  • BEEFBEEF Posts: 43
    Morning guys,

    Hope it's ok to jump on the thread?

    A month ago I decided to enter my first triathlon (Stratford Sprint Oct 5th) and wanted to lose some weight before the event.

    I decided to take my sisters advice (ex Weight-Watcher) and try having what WW's call "One Point Soup". Basically this is a tin of chopped tomatoes with a hand full of frozen mixed veg thrown in with some curry powder/chilli sauce or whatever for flavour.

    Typical day now includes:

    porridge and berries for breakfast @ 6am

    soup for brunch @ 1030am

    soup for mid afternoon snack @ 3pm

    cous cous with quorn, veg & yoghurt based sauce for dinner @ 630pm

    Trying to minimise pasta, spuds and bread but unlimited apples, bananas and grapes. Only vice still consumed is CoffeeMate instead of milk and protein supplement post training.

    2 weeks in and 10lb weight loss already!

    Friends have said that this is probably fluid loss but I go through 6-8 litres of water/squash each day and hydration always around 55% so can;t be that.


  • Breakfast - Smoothie (Natural yogurt, skimmed milk, handful strawberries & blackcurrants)

    Snack - Protein shake (post training)

    Lunch - Grilled Chicken breast & 2 Sweet potatoes with sweet chilli sauce.

    Dinner - Cod fillets (smoked) and prawns & sweet potato.

    Drink - 2 cups Green tea, 3.5 litres water.

    Training - 45 min: Spinning

    5 min: Brick run

    30 min: Powerplate training (whole body)

    Good day.
  • Ah well, after a night out having dinner with friends I thought I should get back on track - we'll forget yesterday - although it wasn't all bad, I ordered extra veg!

    So today - early morning very very cold lake swim which led on to

    two pieces toast (homemade bread) with marmalade

    11am two biscuits (it's not looking good is it)

    Lunch - lentil and tomate bake with salad and a peach

    3pm - a bag of maltesers (what's going on? now that I'm writing it all down I've been cr*p today)

    Dinner tonight ??? better make it something healthy.

    am I the only one with eating discipline problems today?
  • stustu Posts: 28
    gee glad everyone else eats so many biscuits n sweets!!


    large bowl of raisin bran cereal and pint of milk,

    multiseed bagel and mug a green tea. (after 90min fasted aerobic bike and 20min swim)

    RIver Cafe Minestrone Soup (homemade from bbc website)

    another bagel

    going well eh - problem is tonight - I know mrs stu has got some 72% swiss dark chocolate hidden in the cupboard!!

    I can thoroughly recommend weighlossresources.co.uk as a diet/calorie tracker. costs bout £45per month but I think it pays for itself in all those bars of chocolate and biscuits you don't eat.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
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