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How to cope with different distance events?

Hello everybody.
I was just wondering, after booking myself in for an Olympic triathlon in July, a 600 mile bike tour in August and I want to do a half marathon in September, do you think it will be possible for me to train for these different events or should I drop one and focus on the other two? I have a while before the first one, so I have plenty of time for now, but then they are in relatively quick succession so I was wondering how to prioritise training until then. I come from a swimming background, but am still new to triathlon, road cycling and running (I'm a poor runner). Any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks a lot.


  • Tom HTom H Posts: 3
    I like the sound of that already
  • andissandiss Posts: 82
    No worries with above.

    The cycle training for the 600mile will benefit the olympic distance. I would just make sure to clock up at least 2000miles prior to 600mile and make sure you do a weekly long distance cycle that simulates the race.
  • Tom HTom H Posts: 3
    Thanks. It should be fun
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