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Windsor & Where do you come from?

Hi all

Did anyone else out there do Windsor? If so, how did you all cope with the heat? Thought that it was a great race, and I really enjoyed it. The run got me at the end though, and I had a nice amble about Windsor. Three times. After thinking beforehand that wouldn't do any more of these stupid races, finished having decided that I have to come back next year and conquer that run course! Tri-bug bites...!

Also, following an overhead conversation at a meal the night before, would be really interesting to hear where/how/why people got involved in this. I came to triathlon after doing a the London Marathon and thinking 'there must be more...' What about you lot?



  • As I was a 6am start the heat didn't figure too much, but I still drank nearly 2 bottles on the bike, and took water on each lap of the run. Glad I was finished before the sun rose properly.

    It was only 2nd tri event and I plan to do more - I enjoy keeping fit and having a goal. I think turning 40 had something to do with entering events.
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