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Hi all, I have never done a triathlon before but have entered Ironman France to be held in Nice.

Was wondering if anyone could share any tips with me for the day, or even to help with training.

I am currently training about 12 - 13 hours per week but am building this by around 30mins per week with a view to peaking at about 20 hours nearer the event.


  • Not really advice. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck, Ironman is a hefty ask for a first event!?! when you do get to grips with the training load keep us up to date with how it's going. Once again, good luck, hope all goes well.
  • [:@][:@][:@]

    Dear Pikeyboy78

    What were you thinking... never done a tri, why not start at IM France! Hopefully you will do a few shorter tris before you get to June 25th. More power to you I guess!

    Anyway, I did IM France last year and it was tough tough tough! The bike course, picturesque yes, but it was a long day out on the bike for most, with many falling by the wayside (check the no. of DNF's!).

    My advice is a) wear your cheap flip flops down to the start

    b) make sure you have all you need on the bike - by the time I got to the aid stations, there was either no water or electrolyte drinks, or energy bars/gels and c) leave your dignity at the hotel, there were no portable toilets on the course at all!

    Hopefully b) and c) will be rectified for 2006.

    Good Luck Mate

    From Aussie Chick

  • Top man!

    I'd say join a club and train alot.

  • No advice from me either

    Just thought I'd say good luck..and dude fair play to ya makes me thinking twice about doing an olympic as my first Tri seem a bit soft

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