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Advice for "2 a Day" Training Sessions

Hi All

I am currently reading Friel's "Bible" as I want to take my second season of Tri a bit more seriously. I've looked at my training and structured it a bit more (as oppose to there being no structure before!!!) and as my Tri team have started swimming early 1 morning a week I thought I would take advantage.

I will be swimming early on a morning then going to work and then doing an intense workout in the gym involving interval work and weights.

As I have never trained twice in one day before (apart from Bricks) I am just wondering if anyone could give me any advice/tips on nutrition or supplements which I could take advantage of during my day at work. I was thinking of a PowerBar energy bar an hour before my afternoon session and protein shake following it, but as I have said on here before I haven't really used supplements before so am unsure of what to take

As always any help would be appreciated!!


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Supplements are over rated and over used.
    Protein shakes and power bars will be expensive in the long run.

    Just try and experiment for the first weeks,see how you feel,tired,jaded,picking up niggles,muscles not recovering,always hungry etc.

    Drink before the swim,whatever settles in you stomach the best,
    breakfast straight after,light snack,smoothie about an hour before the session,and a quality meal after the evening session.

    Increase or decrease the food levels to adapt,there is no foolproof diet.

    If you start to get cold,just burn Friels book,at least it is good for something.
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