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Training Diary/Log

RobRob Posts: 209
Hi All, I've been training now for about 4 years & have kept a training log since 2003. It's just an Excel spreadsheet with the day/date/time of the session, whether it was a swim/bike/run, length of time/distance, heart rate & a column at the end for 'comments', i.e. how I felt/injuries etc. Over the years I've developed it to include no. of hours trained in each of the swim/bike/run disicplines, weekly totals & annual hours. For races I include finishing position & race splits.

It might sound a bit computer geeky but if you haven't started a log, I'd suggest you give it a try. I now have 3+ years of data, starting with my first half marathon time all those years ago, & the improvement I've seen is amazing. It does provide a great record of your progress, helps with planning sessions & races, & is a great help in motivating yourself when you can actually see your times/performances improving.

Since I started training for the Half IM at Wimbleball I've kept a small diary as well, going into a bit more detail on what I eat before races/training, how I'm feeling etc. That provides quite a laugh when I look back at my first tentative lengths of front crawl! And it certainly helps with planning race nutrition, as you have a record of what works & what doesn't.


  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I had sciatica for about a year, and started training gradually in October, then decided to do as you have with a log.

    I decided to retry triathlon in March, and have kept a log since January. It is great to look back at the times I was doing then, and I totally agree it is worth keeping. Not only for motivational purposes but I am quite sad and sit there and admire my times.

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