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New Forest Middle Distance This Weekend

I'm marshalling at the above so, if anybody's doing it, let me know your race no. If I see you, & get a chance, I'll come over & say hi &/or give you a cheer.

Good luck everybody!


  • hey Rob - just packing my gear now. Andrew Denton (255 I think?) and Greg McNally coming down from Manchester to race - see youthere.
  • JiffJiff Posts: 1

    Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I couldn't get registered here for some reason.

    Thank you for all your efforts. I completed the race on Sunday & had a really great day out. The event was the best I've ever attended. Lots of planning, marshalls, signs etc and everyone was so friendly even after the 7 1/4 hrs I took.

    Please thank everyone involved.

    For anyone else reading this post.

    This is a GREAT race. Small, quite tough, but the scenery and friendliness really make it (and showers at the end!!)

    Jiff [:)]
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Andrew - hope you & Greg enjoyed it?

    Jiff - good to hear you had a good time, & well done.

    You may remember me, I was the guy standing at the bottom of the hill, just before the left hand bend, warning you all about the gravel. Then I moved up to the top of that hill with my wife, where you turned left to head downhill, & was giving everybody lots of 'encouragement'.

    Feedback on the day was positive. Shame there were a lot of punctures but the torrential rain the night before washed a lot of crap on to the roads.

    I think that race is being moving to July next year. E-mail Richard & Jo on the Beacon Leisure website with your comments (good or bad), I'm sure they'll be interested to hear what you thought. Having now been involved on the 'other side' of things it makes me appreciate the hard work that goes into organising one of these events.


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