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  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hey Johnny, a rest week? Wimp! Seriously, you deserve it after that lot. A 38 min 10k is fantastic, I've just broken the 40min barrier for the first time this year, I can only dream of 38 mins! How long did the 90miler take you? And a 45 the following day? I think that counts as a big week.

    Cycling performance won't drop after four hard weeks like that. A week off will probably do you some good. I'd just stick in some quality swims & runs if poss.

    I have no intention of eating on the swim. I have enough problems coordinating my limbs to swim, let alone open a gel & scoff it! Just the thought of me trying to do that makes me laugh. Where would you keep it?
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Under 40 for a 10K - it'll never happen for me. I ran 43 once and nearly burst a gut.

    Thanks for all the advice about the wetsuit, I'm planning afewopen water swims in training so I'll put suggestions to the test. Johnny I think I'm in the same hotel as you - Is it the Royal Court in Yeovil?

    Things are going pretty good another long bike done and moved the run up to about 2.5 hours including some pretty serious hills. On my long bike this saturday and had to employ the co2 canister for the first time in anger. After I got the right rubber valve, worked out how to trigger the mech and let if off in my face, I didn't have enough left to inflate the tire. After clacking around the country side for an hour i eventually got a pump. If you've never used one before and are carrying the cannisters i recommend giving them a practice, also I'll be carrying two from now on.

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Check out the link. I think it'll be washed away before we get to race past it. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/dorset/6901543.stm

    pacman, I just don't trust those CO2 canisters. Your not the first person I've heard of having trouble with them. Pretty expensive too for one use aren't they?
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    What are you using instead of co2. I'm alraeady strapping bars and gels to the tri bars and two bottles behind the saddle between that and speed and cadence sensors my streamlined aero bike is beginning to look like a brick. Are you bringing a hand pump?
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    I've got a good old fashioned mini hand pump. It's on a bracket that positions it to the side of one of my water bottles on the down tube. I've got the cadence & speed sensors, two water bottle brackets on the down & seat tubes, a bento box & gel bottle on the top tube, a small bag under the seat for a spare tube/tyre levers & an aero bottle up front. Resembles the Mars Rover more than a racing bike.
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Any solar panels, not that they'd be much use in this weather. Well guys just one month to go - where did the time go? Any nerves yet? I've got a wedding down the country (about 100 miles) this weekend so i plan to cycle down to it with my long suffering girlfriend following in the car. I'm half planning on cycling back aswell but that will depend on how I contain myself at the afters, in other words not likely. I'm putting the bike rack on the car just in case!

    Hope its going well for everyone.

  • Any nerves yet? ..... Nerves!?! - How about full-on Panic stations!

    With 3 weeks solid training behind me the only thing I am confident about is making it to the start line. If I make it through the swim without being hauled aboard the rescue boat I'll be ecstatic! I realised today that I have no swimming technique so have decided to employ the assistance of a swimming coach.

    Come rain or shine I will be out on the bike for 6 hours tomorrow morning and hope to swim 4000 meters on Sunday. I find fear an excellent motivator for training hard. I'm currently scared witless!

    Rob, in response to your questions. I've had a go at a few marathons and done a little bit of cycling but nothing major.
  • So... Cam back from my holiday and realsied that a week of little exercise and alot of drink is not a good combination...!! DId a 3 hour cycle yesterday before i thought i was going to pass out from tiredness.... I blame it on jet lag....

    Pacman, yeah im staying in the royal court ( or at least i think i am....have to check that one)....

    3 weeks left of training....Pretty weired to think that, after all we have been doing....

    Just looked at the competitor handbook now, and saw taht there are 3 aid stations on each cycle lap with 500ml bottles. Are these easy to pick up when you cycle past, or do you need to stop and fill up like that!?

    4 weeks today it will all be over!

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi guys. yikes, I'm glad you're on this forum, you make me feel SO much better! Went out Saturday for my longest ride, supposedly 7hrs. After driving back from Harrogate on Friday through the chaos that was Oxford/Berkshire I was fully expecting a day in the pouring rain, but in the end I had to crack out the sunscreen! So 7hrs turned into 7.25, then 7.5, eventually my misery finished at 8hrs & 117 miles. The Mrs had to pull the saddle out of my arse before I hobbled out for a 4 mile run, at around 11min/miles. There was a bit of light relief when I passed Homer Simpson painted on the hillside at Cerne Abbas next to the Giant. I did two full laps of the course, I don't want to see it again now before race day, that's about six laps of it I've done. And yesterday I did the Pier to Pier sea swim (1.4miles). At least Sherborne won't be as choppy.

    Johnny, the full bottles should be held out for you to grab as you cycle past. I would suggest slowing down a little to make sure you don't miss it.

    I've had a read of the handbook, making me a bit twitchy.
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    8 hours - you psycho! I went over the hundred mark at the weekened, but not quite as long as that. Followed it with about 8 miles running. Felt quite strong on the run, but I am not looking forward to the feeling at mile 15+ on the day. Its going to be pure survival I think. Has everyone got there nutrition strategy sorted now. I have been training on about 500 calories consumed every hour on the bike - using powerbars. Then when running a gel every 20 mins. As for drink I am sticking to plain water. I am getting a little worried about the weather for the day. Its getting closer and closer now and the rain still isn't going away. Just don't fancy being 10+ (depending on individual ambition) hours in the pouring rain.

  • DrClausDrClaus Posts: 9
    Hey Guys -Newbie here!

    I have to say, I wish I hadn't read about all your training sessions! Why is everyone riding so much more than me?!

    Seriously, I spent Jan to Mar in the spin classes, then Mar to May on my mountain bike - 40miles 1-2 x a week. After this I've used my road bike, 50-56milers (6), 40milers (2) - either round Richmond park or Box hill.

    I did my longest bike at the wkend - 80miles in 5 hours. Didn't feel too difficult - boredom was the main problem (I don't think that will be a problem on the day though- excitement etc). Also did a lap of the bike course - took 2.15 at a comfortable pace.

    I thought these distances / hills would be plenty...

    But hell you guys are going for 7 hours - 100milers. Whipping round the course 2-3 times. So many brick sessions it feels like I've entered a masonary convention! Is this really needed to complete an IM? Or is this more the training of someone who wants to compete at an IM? (the latter I hope).

    So come on guys, please, someone tell me they haven't even sat on a bike so far. Or that their longest ride is a downhill 10miler!!

    Lie to me....please......
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hey Tim, you gonna get a chance to get up to the bike course before race day? I'm knocking back 2-3 gels an hr with water, & Gatorade after the first half of the bike ride. I have a flapjack about half way as well, that's my secret weapon. Not sure about the nutritional value, but it makes me feel better! I'm planning on a gel every 15mins or so during the run with water. I think I'm gonna steer clear of the Coke; haven't used it in training so not going to touch it on race day. Unless I'm hanging & then I'll try anything!

    DrClaus, welcome to the madness. Don't worry about what everybody else is doing, just concentrate on your own training. There'll always be somebody quicker/doing more training than you/me. Did I say I did a 117 mile ride on Saturday. I meant 11.7 miles. Does that make you feel any better? Just because I'm cycling longer doesn't make me any faster than you. If you're doing a lap in 2.15 then that's about my pace. I'm not competing, but I just want to make sure I COMPLETE the dam thing!
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Yeah I think most of us are first timers so it's about survival rather than competing. If your doing 80 miles and feeling good well your up to the pace. The first time I did 80 miles I was in bits - different strokes etc. Managed to get a good cycle in last sat on the way down to the wedding, it was slightly longer than i expected which left me about 20 mins to get showered and changed, the wierdest transition i've ever had - from bike gear to a tin of fruit in 10 minutes! I left it on the Sunday though - recovering from a hangover. I'm in the same boat as you Claus about the brick sessions so hopefully I'll get a few of them in over the next few weeks.

    As for nutrition I'm using a mix of gels and power bars on a the bike. I've also being taking breakfast bars like Oatcakes. They're less sweet than the other stuff so a nice change. On the run I'll take anything I can keep down.
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    I will echo the sentiments of Rob when he says not to worry about what others are doing. You must train and ride your own race. I have got to say that although this is my first IM and obviously the main priority is to finish the damn thing I am planning to be competitive (although ask me this on the marathon leg and I will probably tell you different).

    Rob - it doesn't look at the moment as if I will be able to get up to do the cycle course. I am so busy at the moment as I have just bought a coffee shop! A shame as I would have liked to have cycled it. I am going up to Sherborne on the Tuesday before the race, so will have the opportunity to drive it (not really ideal). I am hoping it won't be too much of a disadvantage - however I have just entered IM Switzerland for next year. I will definitely not be able ride that course before the race so will have to get used to it.

    Anyway, keep up the training everyone - taper starts for me next week.
  • DrClausDrClaus Posts: 9
    Thanks guys you're making me feel better!

    Which is what I needed after my 3.5 hour bike ride this morning was reduced to 1.5 hours thanks to a double puncture. I was in a terrible mood after this.

    Talking of which, have any of you lot noticed that training for this has turned you into a manic depressive? One good training session and I can't wait for the IM, start setting myself time goals and thinking about future IM's I can do. A bad training sessions and the IM seems impossible, will I be timed out?, why am I doing this?

    I flip from one to the other all the time. My poor wife can't wait for this to be over more than me [:D]

    Anyone else considering therapy?(!)
  • DR Claus, you hit it in one!!! Im too the point that i get manic depressed and elated- over the same workout!!! For instance yesterday i did a half marathon in 1.30.....Pretty much my best time ever, so i was really happy, but for some reason my calves and achilles are killing me today and i literally can haldly climb staus, which has never happened before....SO im freaking out about that!!!

    So Its coming up to the peak weaks (if that is how you guys are doing it??) what sort of workouts are you going to be doing?? Are you going to go for more endurace, or more force....I dont really know what to go for- was looking at some hill workouts ( 60 seconds up at high heart rate and then a three min recovery x9) etc.... I guess im not really going ot know what will be right until i finish it all!

    Im freaking out!!

  • DrClausDrClaus Posts: 9
    Hey Jonathan, thank god I'm not alone!!

    Training wise, like you the last 2 weeks have been my biggest. Swim wise I'm doing the full distance this weekend open water and a couple of 2km to tick over- have been working mainly at 2.5km-3.5km. Should be fine, my swim is slow but comfortable.

    Bike wise I did an 80mile last sat and I'm doing about a 80-90 this weekend. After that, 2 shorter rides between 40-56 on hills and one final gentle 21miles after my bike service week of the IM.

    Running - did a 19mile 2 weeks ago - my legs were sore for a day too. Which I think isn't a bad thing. As long as you can run after the bike it should be fine. Being incapable of exercising after the run is ok as it's all over!!! Since then done a couple of 1/2's and plan at least 2 more + 1 or 2 brick sessions of 10km or less. Don't want to risk injury at this late stage.

    Certainly peaking over these 2 weeks, but as I've said on a previous post my training distances are probably shorter than most - particularly cycle wise - so while this is a peak for me may be a average week for others.

    And finally regarding depression I leave you with the immortal words of Homer Simpson:

    "Beer. The cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems!"

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Tim, a coffee shop! Excellent, if I'm down your way I'll pop in. If anybody cycles the bike course you'll know you're on the right track because you can still see the names of people painted on the roads.

    DrClaus, manic depressive: yes if I miss a session. Then I'm inconsolable. Substitute 'Ironman' for 'Beer' & you've hit the nail on the head at the moment.

    Johnny, up & downs during a training session are good prep for what you'll go through during the race. Bound to go through bad patches.

    I just hope the weather is good on the day. Not for participants particularly 'cause we've got to do it rain or shine, but more for spectators. I'd like to see as many as possible turn up. And I don't fancy the earache from the Mrs if she has to stand around in the rain for 14-15hrs waiting for me!

    Talking of spectators I think the bike course is going to be lonely at times. There are few places spectators can get to easily without a car. I don't know how the road closures are going to affect getting around the course for people who want to watch either.

    Hope your training is going OK, make every session count guys. Not long to hang in there for now. It'll all be over soon.
  • dmbrankdmbrank Posts: 2
    Hello IM UK:

    I am doing my 1st (and only)[:-] IM in Sherborne this August. I'm getting nervous- I'll be coming from the USA, so am trying to simulate the hills that I've been hearing about.

    I had a question that Iwas looking for everyone's expertise: I have a sleeveless wet suit, but wanted to know if that will be too cold to swim in. Should I look into maybe renting a long sleeved wetsuit, or will I be o.k. otherwise?

    Thnaks and Good luck to everyone on their training.
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    Last century ride for me today! Rained for the first 3 hours, at times heavy so pretty grim. Dried up for the latter part however by that time I was lagged in mud and grime - the bike needs a serious clean. I felt tired today - which was reflected in the slower time. Certainly glad the taper is here now. Time to begin recharging the batteries ready for the big push in 3 weeks.

    As far as armless wetsuits are concerned I don't think it will be too cold. We are swimming in a lake (from what I can remember of Wimbleball Lake last year it was pretty warm) which should not be too cold. You never know we might even get some sun on the day! I will be wearing a full wetsuit as that is all I have.
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    dm, I reckon short sleeves should be OK. Just out of interest, why IMUK when you've got so many to choose from in the US?

    Tim, 'reflected in the slower time'. I'm curious as to how long it took, but then, I don't think I really want to know! I'm booked in at the campsite too, but not pitching until Sat morning. I'm coming up to register Thurs afternoon, then up again Friday morning for the lake swim.

    Did a 5hr bike Sat morning, I had much better weather, in fact it was the nicest day I've had for a long bike. Got a 2hr run tonight, 4.5hr bike next Sat & then it's seriously tapering down. Quite glad about that, I'm getting tired too.
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    We'll definitely have to meet up. I am thinking I will be doing a lake swim on the Thursday (I think there is one then). I want absolute complete rest on the Friday. I will be at the campsite from Tuesday (hoping for a good wek of weather!!!!)

    My last long run (2.45) was last Wednesday. Will be running for about 1.30 this week. Next w/e I have a sprint tri, which will make a nice change from the slog of training. I am not going to go too hard however - afraid of injury. The Don Fink training plan which I have been very loosely following has a 4 hour ride pencilled in. I might do a 3 hour ride on Monday or something, but nothing very hard.

    Roll on Sherborne!!
  • Just discovered this forum - glad to see most people are as terrified as me!! Anyone else following the 220 training schedule from 2 years ago? Im just a bit worried, this close to the big day, that the longest run on it is 2 hrs.....this fact didnt concern me at all when i started off 5 and a bit months ago, but now, as 'D' day looms, i feel an irresistable urge to go out every day this week and run for 4 hours, especially after reading these threads!!! (just joking...) need to taper, need to taper!!- all else seems to be going to plan, touch wood...
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Welcome madmoi?. I was going to use the 220 plan, but could only get hold of 8wks of it. Resist the temptation to start doing lots of runs.... must resist, must resist! I know how you feel, as the day draws nearer you start to doubt whether you've done enough.

    Tim, I'm not planning to do a long swim on the Friday, literally just get my feet wet, check out the lake temp, visibility etc. Maybe 15mins max.
  • Thanks for the welcome, Rob! ...and the advice. Must admit, in an extremely masochistic sort of way, i'm now really quite looking forward to it arriving! Although for the wrong reasons, I think...wife will be in a better mood, 6 am swims? forget it...up at 6am on a sunday and still on the bike at lunchtime? - not when i dont have to! And need I mention beer and wine???

    Seriously though, my life for nearly six months has been so dominated by this thing, and i've vowed to my wife and family I will never do another (haven't bloody done this one yet ).....but who knows eh??? Germany is supposed to be flat.....!! :-)

    Im also camping at the site near to the lake, arriving on friday afternoon, so hope to do the swim session on the sat morning, short and easy of course!

    Off now to do a lunchtime turbo in the sunshine - makes a change!
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hey guys hows it ticking over? The excitement is beginning to build and the questions of have I enough done? recur at least 15 times a day. I think Rob is right to resist the temptation to pile in distances. I had 12 weeks of the 220 programme and followed it fairly loosely but I was missing the middle weeks. I think I got more inspiration from Tiny Tom than the training program itself! I'm planning on doing a bit of the swim in the open session on Saturday the 18th if anyone is around. In the mean time i'm doing a few average distance bricks for the next few days. I have also gone for sports massage twice and I recommend it for stretching out the legs and general recovery. Anybody else notice that they are beginning to be really careful going up and down stairs stepping off paths etc.!?

    Good luck with the taper Patrick
  • Reading all the posts, I'm glad I'm not alone, although you do all seem to be doing a lot more training than me - perhaps that's why I'll just be glad to finish my first IM.

    I took part (I avoid using the word "raced" when applying to my efforts) in the Cow Man on 8th July and the Beaver on 15th July and realised that I was probably undertrained (as ever), although at least I felt fairly comfortable when I finished the Beaver. My biggest problem is going to be standing up straight when I finish the bike as I have big issues with my back seizing up after a long ride - I'm busy trying to stop myself getting carried away and trying to push too hard on the bike.

    Currently doing mega numbers of hill repeats both on the bike and run just to prepare myself.

    I'm concerned that I'm getting over excited/nervous and will blow up before the day.
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64

    Anybody else notice that they are beginning to be really careful going up and down stairs stepping off paths etc.!?

    Funny you should say that as I obviously haven't been enough. Mini disaster struck for me yesterday. I was bring my race wheels down from the attic when I stepped on the edge of a mirror that was very stupidly resting against one of the steps. I slashed the underside of foot open in a really awkward place near the little toe (again stupidly I was not wearing anything on my feet). Blood everywhere, me hoping around like a lunatic trying not to spill any on the new cream carpets and swearing a lot thinking why now. Anyway, I managed to abate the bleeding and my wife being an ex nurse steri stripped it for me, but it was pretty deep and due to the awkward place would not close very well.

    I did actually go for a long sea swim with it last night (a very confidence boosting 54 min swim covering over 3k) which seemed fine and actually gave it a good clean (although I was a little wary of a trail of blood I might be leaving and all the recent reports of great whites down here). Over night it did not close up as well as we hoped and the wife thought it may need a stitch to help it heal more quickly. Ended up in casualty - they did not stitch but taped and glued it. The nurse advised me not to swim or run for 5 days!! You can just imagine the panic that has been going through my mind. Although I thank god this did not happen in say 2 weeks. Now going to wear something on my feet at all times and walk very slowly (or hobble at the moment). Praying like mad that it will heal completly in time (definitely looks like the sprint is out of the question this sunday). The next 5 days are going to kill me - already feeling like caged animal and only a day gone.
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Tim, oh man! Just what you don't want. I hope it heals OK. Try to look at the positives, it's an enforced taper which may be beneficial in giving your body a good rest. I'd just been reading pacman's post about being careful stepping off things & laughing at how true that was, especially doing my trail runs I'm tip toeing over branches & walking in muddy/tricky places I'd normally just blast through. By the way Tim 3k in 54 mins, not bad, nearly as fast as me![;)] I wouldn't bother with the sprint, just not worth it.

    Hey Tricky, welcome. Two half IM's on successive weeks, good effort. I think we're all starting to get a bit twitchy. Enjoy your tapers everybody.

  • Rob

    Thanks for the welcome. Tim's injury has got to be everyone's worst nightmare.

    What you say about the highs and lows rings so true. Two good training sessions over the weekend were followed up by an horrendous run on Monday and it feels like you're back at square one - my marathon probably won't entail much "running" anyway.

    I've never considered myself to be a hypercondriac but every little tweak feels like a race threatening injury. Still I'm going away to Ireland for a few days and some Guiness so that should probably (i) ensure that I don't overdo the training and (ii) allow me to get some perspective on other things and reduce the current obsession.

    Being obsessive, does anyone know where there is a profile map of the run course - it doesn't appear to be on the ironmanuk.com website?
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