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70.3 training????

Hey all,

How many hours a week and for how long should i train to be able to compete competitively at Sherbourne next year. Am pretty fit now (ish). I have only started doing tri this year Sprints to start with and a m doing them in 1hr 4 mins. Hopeing to break an hr in the next couple of comps[:-]



  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Over the Winter you should get the miles in. Basically you need to get at least 3 long, not quite race speed sessions per week all Winter. Then when you've built the endurance you can add speed to it in Spring time.

    Check the what training have ... thread for what I 've done, but really you need to get down to a long boring Winter of getting out fir prolonged periods regardless of weather. I did : Monday 45 min swim (non-stop), Tuesday 10kM run at fast pace, Wednesday 60kM cycle on turbo, Thursday short run, Friday 20kM run (100min), Saturday recovery, Sunday club group cycle (100 -120kM) All Winter.

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    Thx Treefrog,

    That is just what i was looking for!! So you reckon just one swim a week, or is that because you are a good swimmer?

    I think i still need to put some time into my endurance on the swim too.

    Any how, roll on the winter ey??[:'(][X(]
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    What a simple training plan - why are the ones in 220 and other books so complex?

    I work away a lot so have to rely on weekends for mileage on the bike but i can start tailor this idea to me.

    I'm always trying to sqeeze in a mile run here or a 6 mile bike there to make up the numbers.

    With this I can do the runs when i'm away - maybe even the swim and then bike at the weekends - simple.

    I'll need to work up to this level but if i can get a winter in of the level of activity i'm sure it'll help me get faster.

  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Spammers to page 2.

    Liked this thread any other tips....
  • Hey Matty

    If it's the same course as the Ironman, then I would suggest putting in a fair bit of hill work on the bike, their not really steep, but some are more of a longer slog, and there are quite a few.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    keepi simple ! This programme is great but ... you must avoid the beartrap ... LSD is easy especially for the self disciplined! In order to get competitive speed you have to start interval training 6 weeks before your main events. This year (last year) I got comfortable working just below my "discomfort level" and guess what I raced just below my discomfort level.

    In order to win / succeed you MUST work outside your comfort zone this means a dgree of intervals and or demanding bicks.

    I now realise that I was supremely fit but because I worked on increasing my strengths I actually became weaker in that my half IM time was not what it could have been because I trained long but too softly - winning involves lots of physical pain and discomfort as well as social inconvnience - so do not mix physical pain up wit social inconvenience!

  • mattymatty Posts: 37
    Thx Treefrog,

    Sounds like a new pair of trainers are in order for the Forest Gump run sessions!![&:]

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