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First Tri

Hi All, I would like to enter the London Triathlon for the first time this year but am not sure whether to do the Sprint or the Super Sprint. I am 33 and although reasonably fit I had a baby in August so still getting back into fitness. Is it better to start with the super sprint or the sprint?????? Any advice much welcome.


  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 20
    hi mitch,

    go for the sprint. if you're reasonably fit you won't have any problems, and i think you'd find the super sprint event a bit short. it'll be over before you know it.

    you could always up the stakes and do the olympic!

  • Micth

    I had the same dilema... So I decided to go for (swim improvements allowing) the olympic distance and do a sprint tri a couple of months earlier (This one) so I can get used to whole being kicked in the head thing when swimming [&:]

  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 20
    you won't get kicked in the head if you're at the front!

    seriously though; yeah, the swim starts can be a bit arms and legs, but if you're not the strongest swimmer, just hold back a bit at the start. it doesn't take long for it to calm down a bit, and there's no reason to waste energy in the first 100m. the swim's only the first event, and unless you're really looking to shave seconds off a pb or win the event, starting near the back won't make much difference.

    handy tip: put your goggles on under your swim cap. that way, if (or when) you do get kicked in the face, they're less likely to fly off your face.
  • cheers bigmat ... i'll bare that in mind that is will definately do that as it seems fairly sensible and without that advice would have put me googles on over me cap...

    the starts always remind me of playing water polo with the TA (not for the faint of heart)

    I certainly wont be anywhere near the front I dont think unless I get possesed by patrick duffy

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