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Training Diary

Hi there

i am looking for some advice. it has been suggested to me to keep a training diary to aid progress and improve motivation, which i think sounds like a good idea.

i was wondering if anyone else keeps a diary and if so, what information do you record?



  • Hiya, I use this training log using excel, its amazing and costs 3 quid for 3 years worth of charts.


    logs all swim, bike and run miles and times, automatically works out your running shoe miles for up to 5 pairs and also logs all time trials and races

    well worth a punt!
  • wow, this is great, thank you so much.

    i have had a look at the screen shots etc and i may be being very blonde here, but why do i need to record what shoes i am wearing? i only train/race in one pair?!

    thanks again
  • Trainers are only supposed to last for a certain number of miles (about 500 i think) and this lets you know how close you are to needing a new pair, when you reach that number the trainers box turns to red to remind you to head to the shops. In reality you will probably know when you need new trainers because you will start to get niggly injuries, calf strains, ankle sorenes or achilles problems etc.
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