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I am looking to but a new chainset for my push bike...

I have currently 7spd HG70 cassette with an HG70 chain machine that current has a sora (I think) really compact (48-36) chainset...the obvious upgrade is to a sora standard 52/39 (or more regular compact (38/50) set up - though this is a debate for another time)

however ribble currentlt have a 105 for 35quid just 5 more than the sora...however (and this is the nub of my question) all the info about the 105 says it is "9spd compatable" - does anybody know if this means that it isnt 7spd compatable?


p.s. all the above is Shimano...


  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    the 105 chainset should be able to take a 7 spd, you may have to adjust the size of your chain when you fit it all tho. HOWEVER - be aware the 105 chainset requires a special bottom bracket to attach to the bike, unless you already use a 105 bracket, you will need that as well !!!!!!!(i was going to get a 105 as well, but found that out last minute and brought a stronglight compact set instead for about 45 quid, which incidentally is awesome)

    Contact ribble on 01772729108 (thats the shop number NOT the hotline number). They are pretty handy in there and can answer most of your questions. Incidentally i just changed all my runnin gear through them but made a serious mistake of buying a 9 speed cassette wheras bike bikes sti levers were 8 spd....DOH! I ended up buying 9 spd everything and upgrading hahahaha - expensive but worth it [;)]
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    ah cool - cheers for the tip about the bottom bracket ;) - its a shame because the thing as really quite light for the price....

    I have emailed ribble about this as well but it appears the forum has won the race...

  • Ian

    If you have a Sora double at the moment the 105 will be an improvement.

    The chainset will not determine whether you can use a 7,8,9,10 speed setup. The rear mech, the STI lever and the cassette will determine that.

    If you are changing the size of your leargest chainring significantly you may find that you have to lengthen/shorten (or replace) your chain. It will also depend to a certain amount on whether you have a short or long cage rear mech, there will be less leeway with a short cage mech.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673

    Cheers...I was figuring on changing the chain anyway as I am going from 48 to 53 on the largest chain ring (and it has a stiff link which I can't get out).

    The reply I got from ribble was that it will work but "may not shift as well as a 8spd chainset"....which sounds like a fairly ambiguoes answer to cover any compatibility problems that may arise...

    I will look at my rear mech and see what the crack is..

  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    That is just the sales person shpeel to get you to buy an 8 speed cassette, then sti levers and rear mech. Don’t worry it will work fine. The only problem you may have is the bottom bracket attachment-make sure it’s the same as your current bracket, if not budget for a new one (prob about 20 quid I think). DO NOT use the email response, you get a reply from a sales monkey in the warehouse. Use the phone number I posted above, you get to speak to the shop, they are much more clued up and willing to help.
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    cheers pd...i'd dispatch the email before you posted the number...

    I was looking at the bottom brackets and they arent that expensive (really) and it will also be an upgrade...

    not that I am obsessed by weight but the 105 is 200grms lighter than the sora and the bottom bracket probably runs smoother 2...

    will call them be for I order... but this will hopefully end the saga of getting a new chainset...

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