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What training have you done today?

Hi guys...

Thought it would be inspiring/depressing to post the training we have done each day...

So here goes (dont laugh)

40 mins run in Zones 2(~150bpm) and 3(~160bpm) - 15mins Zone 2 / 10mins Zone 3 / 15mins Zone 2 - avg speed 7.5Km/h (slow I know)

{Zones calculated from Triathlete's Training Bible, book by Joe Friel}


  • Hi folks,

    swam 2 x 500m with warm-up before start and rest lengths in between.

    First 500 pretty hard, second 500 bit easier, concentrating on technique.

    Been doing Total Immersion since just before Christmas and been pretty pleased with results. Best length has only taken 13 strokes (can achieve this consistently at relatively slow speeds)- but would definitely recommend the TI way.

    Have heard of the Alexander Popov method- anyone else got some insider knowledge on this?

  • Hi all,

    For me my base has started to bear fruit as I am comfortably getting my 1km swims in under 20 mins. Up to on average 180 miles per week on the steed and very comfortable with my running. Running was always my weak point but it is coming on leaps and bounds and the only reason that I can think of is SPRINTS. I joined a Running Club and they put manners on you with Sprint sessions. Touch wood it stays that way.

  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Everyone

    Training for 14/02/06:

    a.m. 1500m in pool. 4 x 50m warm-up 2 x 400m (1st one fast - my fast!!), 400m concentrating on stroke technique - 100m warm-down.

    a.m. Out of pool and straight in to a steady 4 mile run.

    p.m. 25 miles on bike - riding mountain bike on the road at the minute because the roads are full of grit and slime and I dont relish coming off on my road bike- the mountain bike with its fatter tyres just give me that bit more contact between rubber and road! This ride was on a hilly route at a steady pace but with efforts on the hills - making a point of getting out of the saddle on each hill to condition myself to improved strength on hills.

    Completely cream crackered by the end of the day!

  • Total Immersion drills in the pool...Only covered 500m in total but I am begin to see the benifit of it now...

    Chis - What a day!!! I am tired just thinking about that...

    Setanat - Nice going... swimming (rather than running) is my limiter but is getting there...

    Andrew - How long did it take to you crack the TI drills?

    My prep phase end next week...cant wait to do the tests

  • 45mins of rowing(cant stand indoor bikes so rowed instead) and running... pretty disappionted with it really went to hard in the rowing so had to slow up for the run...fly and die is an understatement...

    The row was

    2k in zone 3

    4 mins rest

    then I tried 300m with 5min rest sprints only managed 1 and a half...left me mentally and physically fooked .. I went way to fast on the first one...

    Tried a faster 2k on rower...stopped after a bit

    12mins interval training on the treadmill to "recover" from the rowing debarcle....

    Though the physical side cocked up big style.. I have learn abit mentally about not going to hard to soon

  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi All

    Training 15/02/06:

    Nice easy 4 mile run today to get some lactic acid out of my legs after the heavy day on Tuesday 14th.

    Training scheduled for 16/02/06

    60 min run with my running club (Barnsley AC) this will include:

    10 min warm-up - easy running

    20 min tempo run at 85% of max HR

    30 min eay running to finish

  • Swimming

    50m repeats with 1min rest - Trying to concentrate on breathing..it was okay I guess

    Did this for half an hour lost count of the distance but that wasnt my goal.

    Has anyone got any tips on breathing...timing, how to do it etc...

    Tomorrow (17/2/2006) is scheduled for TI drills

  • Yesterday:

    AM. 1000m steady swim followed by 4x50m pool buoy, 2x50 leg kick finishing off with 200m recovery.

    PM. 4 mile medium run on the roads. 29.29 mins, averaging about the 7 min mile which for me is good as I am woeful at it.

    Easy day today, going to the gym for an hour or so followed with 1/2 an hour in the steam room.
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi All

    Friday 17.02.06 - Rest day

    Saturday 18.02.06 - Easy 7m run at 7.5min/mile pace

    Sunday 19.02.06 - Duathlon Brick session 4m run/13m bike ride/4 mile run - usually done as a two part session i.e. bike then run but wanted to remind myself of how each element of a duathlon is going to feel when the season starts!!
  • Gotta admit to coping out of training on Saturday morning...getting up early (had to be early as my wife had a large list of things that needed doing before I could watch the football) on a saturday is something I need to work on.
  • Jeez. You people are all working hard! Today was a bit pathetic, as I slept through my alarm and got to the gym late. Had a hard day yesterday (8 mile hilly run through mud (it's like wearing weights around your ankles) and then hour and a half coached swim session) so did stretch exercises for half hour in gym. I hear that flexibility helps and one day I will be able to touch my toes... Feeling thoroughly pathetic now next to all of you, but nevermind! Still getting up and doing something!

    A dead legged runnerbean.
  • Cream crackered on Valentines day?!?! Where's the fun in that?!
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Yep it was my birthday too!! Really sad or what? This triathlon/duathlon lark is getting far too serious...will have to go on a bender to remind myself that there is life beyond training/racing and that I need to get one!!

    Hee hee!
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Far from sounding pathetic, a muddy 8 miler followed by a coached 90 minute swim session sounds impressive to me..... Windsor should be no problem!! No wonder you feel dead legged.

    I have bottled it today! Got up before work and did an unstructured 40 lengths in my local pool - lets call it a recovery swim...can we...please? Too tired for anything else today so I will read about the benefits of rest!!

  • Had on folks....

    8 miles of muddy hell

    Bottling 40 lengths of the local pool


    We need to look up the meaning of pathetic I think...well done all..
  • hey guys

    TRAINING for 20/02/06

    20min easy run (zone 1/2)

    Slow day recovering from the weekend
  • Used today as rest day, 10 mile on Saturday running at about 75% and a 50 miler on the bike yesterday...........vegetated in the steam room today........nice relaxing day. 1/2 marathon coming up in 3 weeks so am gonna concentrate on my running for the next few weeks.
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Training 21.02.06

    1.5 mile warm-up at a very easy pace

    2 mile time trial with myr unning club Barnsley AC

    4 miles incl warm down at easy pace

  • 21/2/2006

    Couldn't face a run in 2.5 degrees of drizzle so went to the gym

    2K rowing as cross training

    2minutes rest

    300m rowing sprint for the Cross Team Challenge an awful lot harder than it looks.

    crawled (metaphorically) to the treadmill for

    30mins Fartlek

  • Am skiving again! This time under doctors orders am off swimming as have impetigo (lovely crusty and highly contagious skin infection that I think I got from kids). So went into work early instead. Where is the sense in that?!?! I think I've forgotten what a lie in is... Never mind, will make up for it tonight in the warmth of the gym. Am trying to do mini-brick sessions between the bike and the treadmill. 6 minutes hard on bike, 4 minutes hard on treadmill and multiple repeats. Fun...

  • weights and light cardio work in the gym today...

    Should have been swimming but like runnerbean I too have a rash not contagious as this was brought on by us changing fabric conditioner.

    I can punish my body physically dip myself in chlorine 3 time but change to wrong fabric conditioner (and this is the eco friendly stuff) and woosh {fully description omitted to protect the fragile}

    So went into work early instead. Where is the sense in that?!?!
    - Cant answer you there I am afraid
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Rested yesterday(Weds 22nd)...again! Got hold of a copy of The Triathlete's Training Bible" that someone else on the forum mentioned...riveting read...giving me a whole new list of excuses why I shouldn't train! No seriously, it is a great book and very informative...I'm beginning to realise that my training really does need more focus and thought.

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    I got a copy of that & it's a bit of a tomb. Very good & indepth, maybe too much for a newbie like me to take in all at once, but something I'll be able to keep going back to as I get better.
  • yeah its a good book..but i agree rob it fairly indepth for newbies like us but it has focused my training better than if I'd just made it up

    some of the Musular endurance work outs in the back had me sweating just reading them... especially in the combined appendix

  • Gym this moring didnt fancy running in the snow...so

    10 minutes warm up on the cross trainer

    25mins Run in Zone 3 - hr approx 160

    10minutes cool down

  • chischis Posts: 94
    Training 23.02.06

    Hilly run with running club. Felt really heavy legged on the longer hills but performed satisfactorily on the short ones! Mileage - about 7.5 in all. Good session for building strength.

  • Mr TMr T Posts: 5
    Hello to Rob in Poole,

    I'm a Newbie and got Joe Friel's book, I nearly took it back because it was so complicated on first read. Stick with it though, I did and i've now got a structured training plan! I'd recommend it to other Newbies if you can take the time to read it through again and again until it sinks in!

    All the best


    Ps - Only managed 800m in the pool today, upper arms are totally killing me but I managed a 400m PB so i'm chuffed! Have a good weekend all
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Friday/Saturday - 2 rest days - listening to my body which was telling me I'm too tired! Good excuse that one but true this time.

    Sunday 26.02.06

    Long easy paced run - off road for most of the 13 miles.

  • Yesterday i had a 10k race in the morning, very cold and windy!!! Then an easy 30 min bike in the afternoon.

    Today was 35miles steady in zone 2/3 on the bike in the afternoon, and 3 mile easy recovery/zone2 run tonight.

    Supposed to have an interval session with the local running club tomorrow evening, but i'm gonna bail cos i've got a bit of shit pain after the 10k race. So just a weights session tomorrow!

  • Swim today...trying to add a bit of distance though keep running out of time in the AM

    3 * 50m

    1 * 100m

    2 * 50m

    1* 100m

    1* 50m

    1* 100m - supposed to be 3 * 50m but did the last 2 as 100m

    found motivation really hard this am but once there all the drill and tips on here have started to come together it was the easiest I have found it and could have done a whole lot more.

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