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What training have you done today?



  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    tues - weights

    weds - 1hr spinning

    thurs - weights

    fri - 1 hr run

    training all very humdrum at the minute but having to take it easy with my knee. HAve also started to encorporate 'evolution running' into my training. Dunno if you have heard of well worth a look. All about shifting point of balance through the body so you end up running a) more from the ball of the foot rather than striking with the heel and b) that you run with the feet under the body line so the leg movement is from the hip not from the knee ... takes a bit of getting used to.
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Hey Mad,

    Is the knee pain still hanging over from the Snowdonia??

    Hope all is better soon for you mate.[:)]
  • friday - 1500m in pool followed by 1hr bike

    saturday - rode bike route of the half ironman doing in two weeks. Entry form says 90k .... my speedo says 96k doh! was struggling towards end - gawd knows how going to do after swim and then run half marathon. Have revised my target time from 6:30 to 'just finish!'

    Resting now till Boxing Day :)

    Happy Christmas everybody!

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Today 4 miles 31.49 not very quick but felt it after taking 3 months off

    5 miles on the bike in 15 mins which I was pleased with.

    Hello to all those that know me on here, haven't posted for ages. I'm still struggling with the broken leg.
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    today - weights

    sunday - bike 1 - 2 hours (dependant on the intake of the whisky)

    GUV !!!! - long time no ... wel long time no nothing .... how do matey good to see you about even if you still a little woblly on ya leg. HAd a few cruciate troubles myself (no a fracture i admit but frustrating me). Hoping you still have that mad passion about your tri & that it will be out on the road come next year.

    RICH - (see above) the knee still niggles - I think its more over training on an old injury than just from snowdon. Seems worse after a 3 hour spin esp when i climb stairs. Am taking it steeady at the minnute and working on buiding more strength & stability above n below the knee. Also started with endurance running (see my above post) making me realise how much work my glutes werent doing. Well recommend it so far.

    LOON - good to hear from you the other day - glad things ticking over for you & your swim is improving

    PARCFISH - am safely tucked into T3 for the night and not coming out til morning or I run out of Highland Park x (you have been a source of inspiration)

    Ho Ho Ho
  • Hi everyone,

    I decided to get fit and loose some weight but need a goal so foolishly entered myself into the 2007 iron man (half).

    I hadn't exercised in a few years so thought i would post my training here to may be help others and also get advise.

    Start: 16 stone 3.[:)]

    I started training in November:

    3 lengths swim out of pool and was sick [:o] (won't be using that pool again :) )

    half hour bike ride felt ok

    2 mile run felt bad.

    Ok, things looked bad so I joined the local gym

    Current level: 15 stone 4.

    I have got my levels up to 2 hours exercise bike (settings are 1hr mount kilomanjro level 13, 1hr manual level 8)

    1 hr run (settings are: Random, level 10, speed 8

    Swim (this morning 60 lengths in about 45 min, 20 lengths straight, 1 minute breather, 10 lengths then 30 second breather x4)

    Swimming is my main concern as I have never been a strong swimmer but I am happy with my progress so far. I plan to swim 100 lengths with out stopping by march then concentrate on speeding up.

    I brought a racer off ebay which had cleat pedals which I had never used so thought I would take it out in the dead of night when it was quiet and dark! I peddled down my road behind a car which stopped to reverse park. I stopped behind the car kicked my left foot out and ended up laying in the road squirming to free myself, my front light moving about like a light saber. Have yet to take the bike out again and may buy some standard pedals! I felt a total [email protected] and dont wan't to embarrass myself come race day

    Well that is my training todate and I hope that it may make others feels better about there current level. I have long way to go but will finish the Half iron man!!

    Happy Christmas

  • [:D][:D][:)]training today sixty miles on bike around market bosworth hinckley twycross austry walton upon trent area, followed by eight miles cross country run ...around market bosworth, shenton, ambion hill sutton cheeny, back to bosworth...i need to beat people!!!! and shift this fat!!!!![:@][:D][:)] ho i also want a 23.00 minute ten mile time trial this year comming..qualifiy for the worlds in hamburge or vancouver...i must keep going!!!!![:@][:)][:D]
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    No training for me till Jan 1st now as i have a chest infection and am on the anti biotics. Nice rest period for a week. Jan 1st drops me on to a 16 weeks bout of intense training thats all been mapped out. That drops me then to a 4 week taper to race day for the Lanzarote.
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Today 4 mile run in 32.30 followed by 10 miles on the bike in 28.40
  • [:)][:D][&:]did 200 mtrs open water swim with 1485 tri club at bosworth waterpark leics with a dozen other mad triathletes i was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!![&:][&:]
  • Well done scotttt, I too had the same thoughts but entered IMUK. Stick with the training and the weight will fall off. I've been training since June and have lost 5 stone.

    5k road race today.
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Christmas eve - 8 mile run ... muddy

    Christmas Day - T3 .... lots

    Boxing Day - 45 mins bike intervals - now taking madnurse's advice and heading back to T3 (rather fancy the pink champagne ...)
  • [:)][:)] boxing day 10 mile time trial with hinckley crc 26.14 mins.....better than last year[:)] rode 55 miles today[:)][:)]
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    1 hour hilly run. Was trying to take it easy but it still seemed hard. I seem to have lost some fitness and put on some weight over the last couple of weeks. I can't think why [:)]
  • Went swimming before workfor first time in way too long - did 20mins, then ran at lunch, 36mins hilly, whilst sun was out. Slow but pleased with myself [:)]
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Thu - 60 min brick session

    Sun? What is sun? Haven't seen any for weeks here ....
  • [:)][:)]ten mile cross country run today very muddy legs felt a bit stiff from bike ride.....[:@][:@]..must keep going people to beat[:)][:D]
  • Run bike and swim today, nothing to long, just keeping the blood flowing!

    During the swim their was a bloke in the next lane, He was as fast as me on each lap but as I stopped for a breather I counted his stroke per length, it was 22 where mine was/is 28-29.

    I obviously have some major flaw in my style. I might invest in a few swimming lessons.

    take care

  • Yesterday 4 hours on an indoor climbing wall (My abs hurt today!)[:@]

    Today 5 mile run

  • Hi all,

    Logged on for the first time today. Getting back into competitive sport for the first time in a long while.

    Following some encouragement by Rick Kiddle, who was working in a small sports shop in Maidenhead then, I entered my first event in 1984. This was in Peterborough, on the morning the London Marathon was won by Charlie Spedding.

    I competed in a couple of other local events around the Thames Valley over the next 12 months or so, then fell back into a mixture of road, cross-country, soccer and rugby, not triathlon.

    I'm 45 now, weigh too much, swim weakly, but determined to get back to some reasonable performance level. Resting HRM at waking is 58 bpm, which I feel happy with just now.

    So, back training with a view to some small summer months events. Yesterday, my fourth session since 23 Dec, I did 90 minutes on the turbo, IMT work, no carbs, water only, cadence 80-120. HR between 96 & 136. Felt surprisingly good, with no residual stiffness. Getting used to the longer time in the saddle was a hurdle.

    Today, stretching, light weights and planning the programme for 07. Listening to the JBST.com podcasts at the moment - inspiring.

    Tomorrow, back on the turbo, 90 minutes again.

    Happy New Year. 07 is going to be a good one.

  • Tuesday 45min bike/60min run

    Wednesday 60min bike

    Thursday 750m ocean swim - should have been 1500m but gave up end 1st lap[:'(]

    Friday 90min run

    Saturday 90K bike ride

    Final week of 'training' - Taper week coming up [:)]

    Half Ironman on Saturday [:o]

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Friday - 4 mile run

    Sat - 4 mile run

    Sun - 55 mins run no idea of the distance
  • the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    [:)][:)]did 65 miles today at a good pace avg 20 mph with hinckley crc i hung in there for grim death at times cus theres people to beat[:D]
  • trowantrowan Posts: 2
    hello everyone, i'm new here on the forum and to tri as well, excellent informative site!

    today didnt exactly involve much training but i did have a quick dip in the sea in whitstable if that counts? going for a ride tomorrow though...

  • Sunday - rest

    Monday - missed 30min bike / 30 min run brick tut tut [&:]

    Tuesday - 30bike/30run [:)]

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Today a nice slow run for 1hr 15 mins probably about 9 miles.
  • GrantGrant Posts: 15
    I went out on the bike for an hour. Still trying to get back in the swing of cycling, since I haven't had a bike since I was ten!

    Going out for a club this evening as well.
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    Went out for a gentle potter about on the bike yesterday for an hour. I forgot my water bottle and nearly made myself sick going up a really steep (for me) hill at the halfway point.

    Still enjoyed it though [&:].

  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    5 Miles run today as a steady break in after the lay off. Felt terrible![&:]

    A combination of cobb webs and not getting my head together.

    I better pull my finger out and get back to basics and fast.

    A DNF at Lanzarote would be a nightmare.... unthinkable[:(]
  • GrantGrant Posts: 15
    Did some weights at the gym then did 20 mins on the exercise bike. I then attempted 3km on the treadmill, but my shins splints kicked in at 1.5km, so it was a struggle to get to 2km. I had a chat with the sports therapist to get some advice on how to sort this as its really starting to affect my running.
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