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East Leake Tri

pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
Hi chis and sunlight_70

Good to see you both at East Leake on Sun, you both looked very relaxed, and looking at the results, posted good times - especially in that wind. I think the run was longer this year - and definitely longer than the duathlon back in March.

Marshalling the mount/dismount line was an interesting experience - think I've now seen every method of getting on and off a bike - including some I didn't know were possible, or safe!

chis - good luck for the championships in Canada later this month - let us know how you get on. Might see you at Derby tri in Sept?

sunlight_70 - we'll be in the same crowd at the Robin Hood in Sept, although our chances of finding each other are probably remote among 11,000 other people! Might well see you in TFN, though, or maybe also at Derby tri?

Enjoy your training ....


  • chischis Posts: 94
    Thanks for the support Pat. Getting nervous about Canada now - running training has not been as good as I hoped due to the excessive heat just lately but I'm going out as an age-group 1st timer so my aim is to enjoy the event and take whatever time comes along.

    Good luck in Nottingham - hope to see you in Derby in September.

  • Cheers Pat, you're too kind! I messed up my transition from swim to bike with my bike jersey debacle. I'm off to TFN for a number belt. [:)]

    My friend from work is in two minds about Robin-Hood now (don't know why, she's trained well) but I'm still going to do it. May get an entry to Derby - my boss says I owe him some shifts back at work so it depends how well I can placate him whether I'm there or not[:D]

    Thanks for marshalling at East Leake - how'd you get into that? Looks like an interesting spectacle.

    Chis, know what you mean about the heat. Did a long run last Sunday and took half a litre of water with me and sipped it all the way round. Gasping when I got back - you don't realise how much you're sweating 'til you stop!! Best of luck with Canada, enjoy the experience! [;)]

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi guys

    Have just looked on the 4life website and the photos are out .... couldn't see any of you, chis, although I might have missed you in the pool or on the bike, but I think there's a good one of you, sunlight_70!! If I'm right, you have a slightly quizzical look!

    I was marshalling because I know Rich & Dean who run 4Life events - met them in the TFN shop - very dangerous that place, you meet all kinds of weird people in there .....

    Chis, really good luck for Canada - enjoy!

    Sunlight_70 - let me know if you're doing Robin Hood; on our present performance my sister and I will be starting at around the 6 hour marker!

  • Quizzical? Gormless, more like! Think I'll wear a cap and shades next time. And have a shave!

    And a face transplant...

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    You look relaxed yet under control, and you've avoided the 'gargoyle' expression that I seem to have - specially on the run!

  • Thanks, Pat. I'm seeing my mate today who I'm supposed to be doing Robin Hood with. If she bottles the half then I might put in for the full. I'll let you know! [:D]
  • Nope, she's still doing the half, she's just very nervous so I'll be running that with her. Hope to see you there!
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    When we get nearer the time let me know what you'll be wearing and where you'll be (and vice versa) and we'll see if we can make contact. I've still not run more than 13.1 so I'm not feeling very confident - my sister is up to 18 miles, but our last joint attempt at 10 was a 2-hour disaster!!
  • Will do, Pat. Know what you mean about the long runs though. The heat's killing me at the moment.
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