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Swimtrek, Helvellyn etc etc

I just go on holiday for 2 weeks and there's an explosion on the forum .... can't keep up with it all!

Anyway, said I'd report back on my Swimtrek weekend in the Lakes .....

Wet, cold and windy are the best adjectives. We swam around 9.5k over the 2 days, and walked probably 5k. Buttermere (cold and rainy), Crummock Water (beautiful), Windermere (like a mirror at 7.30am on a Sunday morning) and Coniston (scarily deep with lots of weed at the edges). Loved it. The swimming was great, good crowd of people, excellent training and good fun. Some of the organisation could have been better, but I'd love to go again. Lost pounds too!

Madnurse - I also looked at the Helvellyn routes - and know I know you truely are mad!! Will sponsor you again if you get thro that one - but I do doubt your sanity ......
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