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Training for 108 mile bike ride - advice needed, please

Help, please!

My company has come up with the idea of a 'team-building' exercise which is a 108 mile bike ride from the Midlands to Norfolk. There will be a support vehicle, and the plan is to cycle in pairs. You can stop as often as you like, and hitch a lift in the car if all else fails. It's not meant to be a race(!). It takes place on Fri 29 Sept (day off work, at least!)

My longest bike ride ever is 60 miles, back in June before the 70.3 (also my longest race). I did 33 last week, and hope to fit in 50 this week. But I have no experience of beyond 60, and won't be able to fit another long ride in before the day.

So does anyone have any advice on longer bike rides? On nutrition, comfort (or lack of it!), on what to do, what to avoid (apart from falling off, which I'm a bit prone to do).

I'll be riding with a guy who is much fitter, faster and more experienced than me, but at least he doesn't mind waiting for me. However it is essential that I beat my husband, who is riding in another pair!

Any advice??



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    Don't RACE it, imagine what it was like at Wimbleball and double it. Adopt the most comfortable position on your bike not the most agressive remember this will take you a complete working day! maybe 6-7 hours.

    Use your gears a lot don't "go for the burn" up the hills, if you feel good in the second half you can up the nwork rate.

    You will need to take on food and not just gels, depending on how well you can eat on your bike you could just relax and keep riding or stop for a break to eat. Are there going to be defined stop points on the route? Will the support vehicle be with you? If you stop you will find the first 5-10 minutes afterwards hard to get to grips with, keep warm and move around. I have done 100m in 5 hours on 2 Mars bars a banana and 1 bottle of water, but i wouldn't go that fast now and i would need more to drink and eat.

    Good luck

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    Thanks David. Definitely think I'll need more than 2 Mars bars and a banana! At least we get 99% of the hills out of the way in the first half, then we cross the Fens which should be OK unless the wind is in the wrong direction. But I am worried about losing concentration as I get more tired (don't want to fall in one of those Fenland dykes!). Have you found this to be a problem?

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    I don't have a problem with falling off through losing concentration. If you're doing this in pairs you would be best to sit in behind the stronger rider and benefit from the tow, it does take more concentration though as you have to stay quite close. Don't worry, if you maintain an aerobic pace you can keep it going all day.(OH of course you'll need to)[;)]

    Just enjoy it

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    Thanks - but somehow I can't get my head round the 'enjoy' concept!!
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    Hi Pacrfish, I dont know if this will be any help or not because i have no experiance with triathlons but on september the 1st I did a Charity cycle from London to Paris, I learnt a few things from that!

    Comfort definitly get padded shorts, and if you don't have them get SPD pedals and shoes for your bike they make such a difference.

    Chocolate peanuts I found are brilliant for energy really gave me a big boost!

    I hope this is of some use, good luck with the cycle.

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    Hi pacrfish,

    I just thought I'd let you know that haveing never cycled more then 40 miles in one go, I wnet out on Saturday and cycled 105 miles.

    The numbers of signicance are :

    7hrs 'on the bike'

    9.5 hrs elapesed time - I had a couple of long breaks, one over 1.5 hrs

    Av speed 24 kmh

    I don't think that there is a problem cycling long distances, racing long distances yes but cycling it no.

    I am not a cyclist, I'm a runner, so I was quite pleased to have reasonable average speed 'on the bike'. When I do it again I won't be taking breaks of more than 15min.

    To keep going I had drink with me and stopped for 2 bananas and 4 chewy bars and a couple of stops for cups of tea.

    I found it hard going at around 80 miles, had a couple of chewy bars and was ok from there on.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I think padded shorts are a must, but I can't decide between tri-shorts with less padding, or cycle shorts with more padding but also more ability to rub. Whichever way, I think it's going to hurt!

    I'm heartened to hear about the 100+ miles after a previous experience of only 40. Some of the others in the group have a theory that if you take it easy it willl all be OK. 7 hours on the bike seems pretty quick to me, though! But why would you not stop for longer than 15 mins on future rides??

    Did 57 miles yesterday on 3 gels, 1 cereal bar, sports drink and water and I was feeling really hungry for the last 15 miles - I'm going to have to get this nutrition cracked. Choc peanuts sound good.

    Will let you know how it goes ...
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    krazycalkrazycal Posts: 45
    definately get bib cycle shorts if there good enough quality they shouldnt rub if its going to be cold buy some of these, i have some and have no worries at all. As far as completing it, if you can do a 70.3 then 108 miles should be no worries.

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    krazycalkrazycal Posts: 45
    just realised this was ages ago???

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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    I was reading the first post and he says that he can't fit in another long ride before september lol

    and I was thinking you are joking[&:]
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