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Ironman-Train with a group or Alone?

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  • TomRoseTomRose Posts: 2
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  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Tom I must say that i agree with you, most of the training we do should be sub-maximal aerobic training and for Ironman you just need to do much much more. Training on your own will for most people be a chore, motivating yourself to go out if you don't quite feel like it, churning out the miles at an inconsistant pace.

    Training with a group provides you with a structure to your training week, most clubs will have diffeent runs or rides and you can choose which one tends to suit your programme. Training with a group not ony gives a social aspect to the training but allows you to work with people who are slightly faster than you and benefit from that for your speed training.

    What i am getting at is that we need variation in our training to build strength, stamina, speed and mental endurance. By training with a group for some part of our programme we can build on those attributes and then go off and do our own thing for the rest of our personal programme.

    Even an Ironman, motivated as they very probably must be, needs a mixture of training types for each discipline, easy, long, interval or other speed work, Tempo. Try doing these all on your own, it won't be easy.

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