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The Ironman Forever

Someone asked me if the Ironman would one day run its course and slowly disappear from the sports landscape.

Personally I would bet that in the early years there were many who watched from the sidelines who believed just that. Especially when anyone who even dared show up at the start line was nothing more than a fit lunatic with a death wish.

When the Ironman was moved to Kona, I'm sure the Iron Gods watched with interest as those adventurous few travelled the searing King K. highway. little did they realize that one day they would be recognized as the pioneers of this great event that would span the globe and change the lives of anyone with the courage to tame their demons and take up the challenge.

Their strength, courage and unflagging spirit would be the foundation of what has become the most recognized name in endurance sports and not only will it never run its course, it is growing every year and will continue to do so as a new generation picks up the gauntlet and accepts the challenge that the Iron Gods whisper in the hot Pacific winds..."come, come show us what you are made of."

Just watch one race and they will capture you. Glimpse just for a moment an Ironman finish line and you will be seduced by the raw emotion that is layed bare for all to see when someone has given everything they have to give--everthing they are--to reach the seemingly unreachable goal that is the Ironman finish line. Oh yes, you will indeed be IRONSTRUCK. You will go home and the small seed that is planted will soon take root and your life will take on a new direction.

With every passing day the pull will be stronger and soon like magic--POOF! a new bike will appear. And running shoes. And a wetsuit. And vitamins. And training books. My God! Someone has let the Iron Fairy loose in your house! You will disappear for hours at a time and leave family and friends scratching their heads. WHERE THE HELL DID SHE GO NOW!

You will be in bed early and up early. You will become fitter, healthier and will face each day with purpose and will always have one eye on that distant finish line.

You will become a new you. A better you. Pretty amazing since the starting gun is still months away. Just think, the best is yet to come.

So? Do I think the Ironman will run its course and disappear? I have never been more certain about anything as I am about the longevity of the Ironman. It isn't going away. Already there has been a daughter, a father and grandfather in the same race. Three generations. THAT is why the Ironman will not be going away.

It won't be going away, because the more people who do it, the more people will watch it. The more people who watch it, the more people will be Ironstruck. That in a nutshell is why it can't possibly go away.

That's why the Ironman is forever.

My name is Ray and I've built a site that has many training and racing tips for the beginner triathlete/novice ironman.

come for a visit.....

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