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Just came by for a visit


It's been a while since I visited forum 220, so thought I would stop by as so many of you seem to be visiting my site.

I am not here to sell anything.

But rather to say thank you to you and others like you who have supported the site. It is for that reason that I paid the fees to keep it up and running for another year. Especially since it still seems to be doing some good for people. Last month saw 3000 visitors from 52 countries. Would you believe, Iceland, Dubai, Bosnia, and Egypt just to name a few.

As another racing season is upon us, I believe many of you will be taking a run at your first Ironman. I wanted to wish you good luck and truly hope you realize your Ironman dreams. Believe in yourself and will be truly amazed at how much you are truly capable of.

I always love to hear first Ironman stories, so feel free to contact me with yours anytime. There is a contact page on my website.

Good luck and Godspeed:

Ray.....Originator of "Ironstruck" the website.

"May the wind be always at your back."
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