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How the swim can dictate your Ironman marathon time....

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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    Thought I recognised the story, I just that chapter this morning and basically thought "great, I hate swimming anyway"


    Great book and certainly has some interesting points in it which I'll be using as I develop my Ironman campaign
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    Great advice, enjoyed reaing it and will try that principle on my middle distance (if I can[;)])
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Unlike a lot of people on the forum, I actually love the swim. The thought of a lot of people struggling with it, makes me even more wanting to be better at it.

    On the other hand I do have a quite similar look on things like you. I believe (and actually started training according this season) that you should put as much time in every discipline as there is distance/time in the race.The swim, for example, takes approx. 10% ot he race time, so its pretty obvious you dont have to put 40% of your average week training in swimming(unless of course you can swim like a pile of bricks).

    I believe there is thruth in your (very[;)]) long statement here.

    By the way, I visited your site a few months ago. I liked it (for what its worth) and would say to anyone: go see it!!
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    pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    I saw an ironman held in Western Australia a few months ago (on TV) and the first guy out of the water totally blitzed the field in a time of 44:42 versus 48:32 for the eventual winner.His bike race started to falter but his time was 4hr 48 versus 4hr29,so still looking respectable. But the run was 5hr18:53 versus 2hr48. He went from first out on the swim and still pretty well ahead on the bike to finish 305th. I don't know the guy (Pete Jacobs) or what his goal was for this race - maybe the swim was all he wanted, who knows. I have to assume he wanted a good place- anyway I think his race illustrates the point ytriguy was making.

    Interesting to look down the times for that race (and probably any other) and see how many sub 1hr swimmers were overtaken by the slower swimmers when it came to the finish line.
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Totally enjoyed the book Ironstruck,it is definately one of the better books on the market,and I totally agree in the swim concept of relaxing and of also taking your time in transition,more haste and less speed.At the next tri watch everyone start at the outside of the swim course.Thanks Ray you have given away all my secrets!!!! only joking.
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