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Calling all tri-cooks.......

How is everyone and how is training going?

I'm glad to say that hundreds of you visit my site "Ironstruck" on a monthy basis. Hopefully that means you are finding something of value there. I have been reading about all the "spam" users have been receiving.

Please don't put this new post in that category.....This could be something special for any of you to be part of....

I am starting a new project that will include endurance and energy recipes submitted by triathletes from around the world. Most will be visitors to Ironstruck or people that I have talked to about their Ironman dreams over the past few years. At it's conception, I made it a mandate of Ironstruck that I would answer every single email I ever received. I have done that and have talked to many amazing people from probably 60 different countries.

Let the rest of the world in on your favorite pasta dish, protein shake, or super salad. Or for that matter any recipe that you feel is "healthy" and something you look forward to after that great work-out that has left you out of fuel....

I plan to make this more than a recipe book. It will also be a book of inspiration. An opportunity to tell your own story and inspire others in the process. Each recipe will be given it's own page or "two" if necessary and will leave plenty of room for you to tell the world about you. First names only will be used unless otherwise requested by the submitter. Feel free to send more than one recipe...

Also people will want to know what city(town)and country you are from.

What your Ironman goals and dreams are.

What triathlon(Ironman or any distance)means to you.

How has it changed your life?

What you have to say can quite easily inspire someone who lives in some small corner of the world.

What can be better than that? You don't have to be a star, or a pro, or someone who has finished an Ironman. Your editing does not have to be perfect. Just say what's on your mind and in your heart and I will polish it up if necessary without changing one iota of what you are expressing.

Here is an example of what I mean..................

My latest recipe came from "Elinor."

She said(in her words)

"I went from fat to fit in one year." I quit smoking. I finished ironman SA in 16 hours and 12 minutes. It changed my life forever."

Elinor went on to talk about how she approached eating in the week before her race. And about I believed in her and encouraged her and how that was just enough inspiration to get her moving and do something unbelievable.

Now what she has to say and what she has accomplished will inspire others to greater heights. Ironstruck is a concept that can easily be passed on to others. Inspiring someone in some far off land so much that it propels them to an Ironman finish line and changes their life, will be something you can be proud of forever. Just say what's in your heart as Elinor did and you will be amazed at how powerful and needed your words are. And what a difference you can make.

Elinor is 39 years old and lives in "Namibia." She sent along a recipe from her country.

So you see, I think this will be something great for any of you to be part of.

If you are interested, send your healthy recipe along to me at ytriguy@yahoo.com ........and tell the world your story.

Also, if you have a business or tasteful website you would like advertised for free, I will also mention that for you. As it's my publication, I can put what I want in it. I am more than happy to give you some free world-wide advertising...Ironstruck is all about helping others grow in so many ways....

For all of you..

Godspeed and train safe,

Ray, creator of Ironstruck...........

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