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A New Year's Day Visit

Happy New Year to all visitors to the 220 forum.

I have not visited for quite some time as over the past few years "Ironstruck" has taken on a life of it's own and as a result demands more attention on my behalf. Mostly because I made it a mandate when I first created Ironstruck.ca that I would answer every single email I received through my site. Up to now, no question has been ignored and I get lots of them as on a normal month I have visitors from around 55 countries.

Now as well as "Ironstruck...The Ironman Triathlon Journey", I have written two more books. One is the first Ironman Q+A book I have ever seen on the tri market and includes 500 questions that I have answered to the best of my ability from my own experiences. The other is called "Lifestruck...A better way for todays youth" and is more about dealing with health, diet, and fitness issues in our North American schools and is directed toward the young adult.

However, I digress....This was not meant to be a sales pitch.

If you have found your way to forum 220, I would just like to say that it is probably one of the best and most complete tri sites on the "net."

I have many visitors to Ironstruck from Forum 220 and many of them agree with me on that point.

I have chatted with many of you over the past years and have been moved by the dedication and spirit you show. It is just as much a thrill for me as it is for you when you reach the finish line of your first Ironman.

I have discovered since the birth of Ironstruck that what people need most is for someone to believe in them. Someone who can make them realize what their true potential is-- if only they give themselves a chance and have the strength to venture into unknown territory. My goal has always been to make Ironstruck that place. Make no mistake. The Ironman is difficult. That's what makes is so special. It is horrendously difficult, but yet so doable if you never lose sight of the finish line despite the obstacles that will invariably block your path.

The greatest obstacle is fear of failure. Yet, the moment you choose a more difficult, life-changing path, you have won. You have already begun to be more than you ever thought possible by facing your demons and forging ahead despite them.

There is no greater thrill than that singular moment when the national anthem is playing just before the Ironman swim start gun is fired somewhere in the world. When you are standing there, you are a part of something special and a member of a group that is most likely in the fittest place in the world at that moment in time.

Earning the right to stand there makes you a winner regardless of what happens after the gun goes off. You simply can't lose.

The Ironman continues to grow. The pull of the Ironman is just as powerful as it was back in 1982 when it drew me in and changed my life forever. I sensed the anticipation, excitement, and overwhelming good kharma at Ironman CDA and Ironman Canada this past year. What it means to people has changed not one iota from what it meant in the early days of this amazing event.

I hope this new year is one of a great success for all of you. I hope the coming year welcomes many of you to an Ironman finish line for the first time.

Best of luck, never stop believing in yourself, and train safe......


Creator and author of Ironstruck.....

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