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How can i avoid getting sun burnt? i try and avoid training when sun is at brightest, i just seem to go red very quickly. i use highest factor sun cream possible but has little effect for me, any one got any suggestions?

cheers Duncan


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Not sure why your burning with full factor on? Is this when your training or racing (i.e. wet suits can rub block off leaving you exposed on the bike and run).

    Do you use waterproof and sweat proof blocks?

    Have you considered using the new single application sun blocks (i.e. put it on a ouple of hours before you go out, skin absorbs it and it lasts all day)

    Have you tried that silly looking stuff skiers used to wear back in the 80's and cricket players still insist on on using [:D]

    If the answer is yes to the above I've not got a clue. The only thing I can recommend are very light breathable clothes that cover as much as poss and a cap.
  • funkydbmtbfunkydbmtb Posts: 3
    i seem to burn when training and racing, i currently race sprints so no wet suit worn, just tired of being red at moment. thanks fo radvice though wil try the single application jobs
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