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Quintana Roo Tiphoon - 2004, size 56cm Titanium Frame, Forks, Headset and Titanium seatpost

Cost around £3000 new

[color=#ff0000]Stef's Special price: £1200 [/color]

Principia TT28, Custom paint job, 2001, size 56cm. Frame, Fork & Headset

Cost over £1000 new

[color=#ff0000]Stef's special price: £300


Sigma Nemesis, Red & Blue size large, Frame, Fork & Headset.

Cost £950 new

[color=#ff0000]Stef's special price: £400 [/color]

Carbon X-Aero tri bars

Cost £280 new

[color=#ff0000]Stef's special price: £140[/color]

Pictures available on request!!!!
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