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What do you think???

Ok, here goes, I'm a new poster to the site having just registered. Have been doing tri's for past 2 years and am currently training for a marathon (next month). I have no background in any of the disciplines but have done 3 Olympic distance races and am planning for a Half IM later this year on a really tough course. My question is if it's reasonable for me to aspire to doing a Full IM nexy year with my times- I swim a mile in about 34 mins (open water with suit), I averaged 20mph on a very difficult Olympic course last year, and am predicting a sub 4 Marathon (just, I hope).

I know it's great to aspire to something, but in all honesty with these times over a vastly increased distance is it practical.

All advice appreciated.


  • Of course it is, you are putting in the effort now even and with this coming season behind you then there will be nothing stopping you.

    Importantly, keep your training up and most importantly keep injury free.

    Look at the cut off times for all 3 disciplines and you will see how you relate to them.

    Good luck and keep on triing.

  • GmcGmc Posts: 7
    Thanks Setanta, I'm a fellow Paddy but from the South, the half I'm planning is Kenmare and the Olympic I did is Kilkee, you might know these or even have done them.

    I'm constanthly thinking about the cut off times and it seems manageable even at 40 min per mile pace for the swim and 14mph cycle would still leave you with 5/6 hours for marathon. It's just very hard to know what kind of stamina you'd need to build up. I'm quite disciplined re Training and have avoided injury (touch wood) in prep for the Marathon in Connemara next month.
  • There is a multitude of events this year as I 'm sure you have seen on the TI website. Have a go at some of them early on in the year or even stagger maybe 1 or 2 per month before the 1/2 Ironman.

    Never done Kenmare but some mates of mine have done it and they say the bike course is f**king hard.

    What part of the Emerald Isle do you hail from?
  • nugeynugey Posts: 2
    hey guys i done kenmare last year and and to say its tough is a serious underestimation,its nightmarish.in particular the run,and as a reformed runner i should know,im not sure if any of you guys have ran the connemara h/marathon buts its a tougher route than that by far,which really says something.

    the only thing that saved me was the fact i weigh a paltry 63kg so going up a lot doesnt bother me to much!

    as for cut off times and the like,you dont have to worry as your going to be well through before then looking at where you are now and getting through kenmare will set you up for anything...

    (just not to soon afterward)


    positive mental attitude[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m11.gif[/image]

    you have,you can,you will...

    hey Setanta im coming up for the titanic duathlon series any advice!




  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Gmc, you should have no worries with the full IM as long as you can find the time to pack the training in. You're way faster than me so you have nothing to worry about. What half IM are you doing this year? I've got my first tri in 2 weeks, with a half IM planned for June. I should have done my first tri last week, but it got turned into a duathlon because of snow!
  • SetantaSetanta Posts: 42
    Hi dn, never done the Duathlon but I know the area pretty well and it is very flat and as they say the road is closed it will be very fast. I'm doing it but not too woried about it. Am heading to Kerry for the Valentia Island one the week after and I am not looking forward to the swim by any means. It will be damn cold.

    Q. Is there anything in the rulebook that says you can't wear wetsocks?

    Good luck lads with your seasons and hope all your training has paid off, but not to the extent that you all will beat me.

    Joe [:)]
  • ironroseironrose Posts: 5
    I did the Kenmare course 2 years ago and although a tough track its a gorgeous race and the set up is first class. I know they changed the run to make it tougher last year as they had to move the swim start so I can't comment on how much tougher the last part is now (previous posters are doing enough of that for me lol !).

    However the bike course is no slouch either, Healy Pass is a very good test. I do think tho that from your times you will have no problems with a full. And besides, The Lost Sheep is regarded as more than a 1/2 in terms of toughness so you are nearly there when you finish [;)]
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