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Ladies specific road/tri bike

I'm pretty new to triathlons. I did a couple last year on my mountain bike and I'm looking to invest in a road or tri specific bike. Does anyone have or know of anyone who has one for sale in a ladies spec? Size wise I'm 5'5". Thanks!


  • stephsteph Posts: 1
    Hi Rachel,

    I don't have a bike for sale, but I ride a cannondale women specific design r800. It's a fantastic bike, and the women specific frame geometry is just great. Mine is a few years old, but any of cannondale's r-series in WSD would be worth checking out at your bike shop, if nothing else to see how the geometry feels compared to bikes designed for me. I've put 'bars on it and that works for me too, although it may not work for everyone. I'm about 5'4'' and ride a 51".

    good luck!
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