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Are you competing at either the London Triathlon or Ironman UK


Hello to all who read this,

Are you prepared to do something differant with your training for the 2006 London Triathlon or Ironman UK? If so then this might be for you.

I have developed a Triathlon Training Programme that is based around both the time YOU AS A PERSON have available to train and YOUR HEART RATE. I will ask you to complete a questionaire that will provide me with the essential information I require. Based on this info, my programme will then take out all the guess work of what sport you need to do, at what intensity and for how long.

This is what I am prepared to offer.

a) A 4 week training programme based on the info you give me with the main emphasis on the max no of hours you would be able to do in TWO of the weeks and your max heart Rate.(with a max of 24 weeks)

b) Specific indoor sessions for each of the 4 weeks.

c) Notes on what you should be concentrating on during each specific 4 week programme for all 3 sports.

d) Additional advice as required via email within 24 hrs of you asking.

e) A training programme that will allow you to push yourself harder at the race while never feeling like your overdoing things.

What you need to do.

a) Be prepared to follow the programme to the exact time, heart rate and suggestions as set out.

b) Write down notes after each weeks sessions that must be fed back to me to further develope your next 4 week programme.

c) Purchase a Heart rate monitor (Make not important) that will give you Max HR and Average HR during the session.

d) Have access to an indoor trainer for at least 1 or 2 sessions a week.

E) be prepared to follow the programme through it's full course with it finishing with the


Yes there is. Each 4 week programme will cost you £50. For a personalized programme this is a bargain. For a more involved programme involving specific sessions for each sport, costs will be given on application.


If so then send an e-mail to [email protected].
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