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Hi to all you triathletes there, im new to triathlon and would very much appreciate if you could advise me on any good websites/books on the sport and what brands you all wear when competing and training


  • ironroseironrose Posts: 5
    dude, if you keep asking the same question over and over again and not replying or giving feedback you aren't gonna get any answers. Why don't you try replying to the other 3 threads you started with the same type of question and not starting new ones.
  • Hi IronRose, sorry about the confusion, I wasnt sure how this forum worked. Any how thanks for the tip. The reason I am trying to find out as much information as possible is because I am a current MA student studying Performance Sportswear Design at The University Of Derby,I have chosen to look at Triathlon as its is a new growing sport, to do this I am trying to understand why people do the sport, what is good about it, what they wear when in and out of training, that type of thing. I would very much appreciate it if you could fill out a questionnaire for me and if possible get your other triathlete freinds to fill out for me. If you could let me know as to wheter you will agree and how to forward them to you i would be very grateful indeed. My contact email address is [[email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Kind Regards

    Gareth Dyer
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