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a walk in another park

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  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Mad - that is absolutely fantastic. You've done so much this season, for yourself and for those kids helped by the NSPCC. I've run out of words, but I'm so proud of you. Well done, mate.

  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    3.55 is a very good time mate for the Snowdonia. Im pritty sure most will agree when i say that you could easily knock 30 mins off that time (maybe more) if you ran a 'Flat Marathon' such as Blackpool.[;)]

    IMO its a fantastic pre-IM event![:D]

    Impressive that you run all the way up the final 2 miles climb. When i got there quite a few people were having all kinds of problems and medical help was being dished out[8D]

    I gotta admit i was 'battling' at that point too[&:][:@]

    Congrats again [:)]

    Regards, Rich
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