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walk in the park - the report !

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  • well done Mad

    Great race report.
  • Mad - you're completely nuts - and a breath of fresh air!

    I'm dead impressed with your performance - and with why you're doing it. Keep on going ..... but you are allowed a break at Christmas!!

    I didn't get to do the Robin Hood at the weekend cos of family issues, so instead I'll sponsor you again a) when you finish Snowdonia, and also b) if I don't come last at the Derby duathlon which is the same day as Snowdonia marathon.

    Just keep thinking of the smiles on those kid's faces ....
  • if you aint got proof - it didnt happen .. so lifted straight out of a fashion shoot in the lakes ... is a walk in the park ...

  • See what you mean about the 'walk'!!!!
  • that is me bouncing down a slightly long n steep hill coming back into Glenridding ... nice quad pounding session. is a must to do !!!!!!!!!! get it on your race list for next year.
  • I am mega-impressed, it just looks horrendous to me. But why are you all alone - where was everyone else?

    Still think you'd have been faster downhill if you'd shaved your legs....
  • pacrfish wrote:

    Still think you'd have been faster downhill if you'd shaved your legs....

    might do the ultimate in mad & get a body wax for charity ... then again I might just donate a kidney (be less painful)

  • £50 for NSPCC if you get the body wax done - supervised and verified by your wife (unless she's squeamish, or too soft-hearted??). After Helvellyn and Eastnor it would be just another 'walk in the park'....

    Have a nice day!!
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Hey Mad what were the distances for this? Certainly sounded like a huge one!

    One day... :D
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    as requested the breakdown for the helvellyn

    swim 1500m

    bike 38 mile

    run 8 mile

    kind of like an olympic but more vertical than most

    well worth the entry many times over - hoping i can fit it in again next year
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Truly Mad :D

    If I'm still here next year I'll see about siging up! (Hopefully I'll be in Aus though...)
  • I did this as well as my first one and had a fantasticly enjoyable day - although I was 100 odd places behind you by the sound of it.

    It was good for me because I like doing good distances on the bike but ,dont really enjoy the run at all - and to be honest, at my end of the race the first half (going up the mountain) was more of a brisk climb than a run, while once you had got down the steep bit at the top the second bit was a very pleasant slope down. Are there any other events like this?
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