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fins / flippers

Has anyone got a pair of fins than they have tucked away (ie used and forgotten) that they might want to sell off cheaply or even donate to a worthwhile cause ??? .. I could really do with a pair, am a size 8 foot, but am on the skint side of strapped at the minute (poor impoverished nurse) .... you'd be doing your bit for charity mate !! (thats the NSPCC not me...) i need to have a half decent flutter kick sorted before i embark on 5 yes 5 triathlons this sumer (never done one before in my life)

many thanks

"7 wives 83 kids & a triathlon habit to feed"


ps i would even send them back to you ...


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    finally have a pair coming ... thanks for all those offers (you know who you are) ..
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