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My background is relatively simple I spent some 7 years in the forces before becoming a psychiatric nurse . I have always maintained active & in good physical health. Unfortuantely I suffered with reactive depression last year which led to some 3 1/2 months absence from work. In an attempt to over come this along with suport from my GP & work I undertook to train for a triathlon as a means of direction and acheivement. [/align] [/align]Thereby I began training in January of this year, I found it challenging but began to make some progress more so after joining my local club (Warrington Tri) which gave a better sense of formation and also of ability to undertake a sprint tri. This over time increased to a point whereby I am now entered for the following triathlons[/align] [/align]Cheshire Sprint Tri (04/06/06)[/align]Chester Olympic Tri (25/06/06)[/align]Salford Sprint Tri (30/07/06)[/align]London Olympic Tri (06/08/06)[/align]Warrington Sprint Tri (26/08/06)[/align] [/align]The training especially the swim (as had negelected my front crawl for some 25 years) required I apply myself with consistency increasing my level and frequency of training and practise from only a few hours to that of around 15 - 20 hours a week. From this I now aim to undertake training towards 1/2 ironman next season[/align] [/align]As a direct result of the training including the support of Warrington Tri Club amongst others I have regained my sense of acheivement and motivation as well not just massively enhanced physical fitness but also that off mental & emotional well being to enable to return to work.

One thing I have learnt about life, even more so as a result of my depression, is that in life there needs to be a sense of balance. If you take out you need to put back in as it were. So remembering all the help and support I was given I have decided to put back in and help those a little less fortunate than myself . My work envolves working with people who have had tragic upbringings suffering at the hands of carers , parents and others casuing such effect that they matured with such social deficits they now are deemed a risk to themselves and /or society. Many will remain in secure care provison for most of their adult life. [/align] [/align]The NSPCC does some amazing work with children _ I figured if I could help them with fundraising maybe I could make a difference to someones future, perhaps give them a chance of a better future that needen't involve long term social & psychiatric care [/align]

[/align] [/align]I hope to raise £1000 for the NSPCC through my efforts - help me to help the kids that really need a hand. All I ask is a £1.00 per triathlon (more if you can) ;[/align] [/align]you can give thru http://www.justgiving.com/philNSPCC[/align] [/align]I hope this meets with your interest & should you need any further information I would only too happy to oblige.[/align] [/align]many thanks[/align] [/align]madnurse (phil)[/align] [/align]



  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 0
    Have suffered with depression since I was 16 and have picked up doing Tri due to extreme stress at work so with you all the way on exercise for good mental health! Good luck!
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi Amanda - Thanks hopefully alot more people will think likewise and contribute towards my target

    Phil [:D]
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