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Dream .... Believe ..... BECOME !!!!!

To Loon & the rest on the 220 forum

We have seen our posts on here of training & related issues and, as did i at times, how we've struggled with some sh*t, the swim i think challenged most of us other set back by injury . Lets not forget the enormity of what are both taking on here triathlon aint for the faint hearted. One thing that has come across from you apart from the aptness of the name loon is hoq much you wanted to complete a triathlon. loon you set out to do so, training hard week in week out until a few weeks ago you did exactly that you completed your first sprint. I was not only impressed but I have to admit somewhat jealous and perhaps even unsettled by it. It caused me to feel unsure of my own capability. Later now having completed mine I can also see how iin the aftermath its possible for a level of complacency to creep in after all you are a triathlete now if you can do one hey you do it again.

People find motivation in the initial stages easy they get caught up in the newness of their activity its later when the novelty has worn off it can get harder especially if find yourself back facing bigger challenges such an olympic as do we. I have used the NSPCC as a motivator to keep me going. The support of the tri club as well as family & freinds blah blah blah has also helped me to keep on going despite the increasing global opinion that I may have finally lost the plot.

When i did my tri on sunday i knew my weak point would be the swim - after all i have only being swimming crawl for 12 weeks. I maintained the outlook that my bike and my run would carry me through & that all I had to do was complete the swim. To have acheived the result I did was a good feeling. It should have been enough to motivate me to get stuck into my training for the rest of season.

After I had finished I was chilling with my wife watching people come in when a woman blind with downs syndrome came through the line having completed the same event as i had ..... to say i had a lump in my throat wouldnt cover it. I think i have a better grip on what it means to be a triathlete after sunday .... its not how fast you can go or even who you can beat to acheive a new PB, its what you can put into triathlon, as did that woman who came across the line looking like she had won the lottery.

you, she, I & all of us have what it takes to be a triathlete wether it be at sprint olympic or even ironman ... we just need to beleive in ourselves & not let our dreams become anything other than a reality.



  • Madnurse,

    What can I say an absolutely outstanding piece of motivational script.

    I cannot top this but only say one thing. I got into this whole triathlon thing following the running of my first marathon. I injured myself and had to start swimming as this was non impact training and before I knew it I was hooked. Now I choose to stop competing due to the fact I had a young family as well as a new business and you need to get your priorities right in life.

    I have just recently come back to triathlon due to the fact my life balance is better and my children are older. But there is also another reason why I am motivated to do this. I intend to run the London marathon next year for cancer research due to the fact that I lost my mum to cancer and I want to give something back.......What motivates me?? The fact that I am alive and I can swim, I can run and I can ride a bike, yes at times it hurts yes it is a challenge but at least you are alive and this sport makes you feel alive.

    My point enjoy life it is no dress rehersal and when you see things like madnurse witnessed on Sunday I think it makes you realise how lucky some of us reallty are out there.

    Does it really matter your not the best, just enjoy

    Happy (Justin)

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673

    Nice one I started reading that with the thought - "arse physke bull alert" but you make complete sense and hearing the tale of the women at your event makes me releaise that I have to thankful for the fact that I am able to aim for an olympic distance rather than just a sprint (and not a full sprint at that)

    My body is in for a shock in the morning now me head is getting screwed on better... (I promise I wont injure myself)



    On a seperate note and this depends on how fast my mate is on a bike..We have a chance of a top 3 finish at the north west sprint especially with your run time..Once london is gone I will swim train for 2 months to speed that up...

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    My pot came off today so things are looking up. This is tempered by the fact that the specialist told me no biking until after my next check up at the start of July, I should be able to walk without crutches within a month. He did however say I could go swimming so joy at last. As for above I was sat at a BBQ feeling sorry for myself because of my cast last weekend until I met a guy who had lost a leg/broke both arms/and broken his other leg lost half of his foot in a bike accident and hearing his optimism and dream of getting a false leg and running again, certainly put my poxy injury into perspective.
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    I'd also add that message boards such as this can be a great source of motivation be it the banter, stories like Madnurse's, advice etc.

    I'm relieved to have found a message board where everyone has triathlon at heart (obvious given the website). I've been on a few other message boards, discussed with friends and family etc and they either think you are mad, don't understand why you are doing it or just aren't interested.

    I guess that proves that triathletes are a select bunch no matter what walk of life they come from. I can't call myself a triathlete yet but I can't wait to join the club. Huge desire to stick to my training like glue until my first tri in 3 1/1 weeks time.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    the problem for trauma is that for most if not all of us it is the worst thing possible that could have happened at that time. The difference for most of us is that the implications of the "accident" "injury" or whatever it is are only temporary in nature and can be overcome if not intirely then at least in part.

    to doubt oneself is only human ... to acheive inspite of doubt has to be the ultimate acholade


  • RewRew Posts: 62
    Well said all.

    The reason a lot of us do this is to raise money for charity. Either through a loss of a family member or friend.

    It helps me through training knowing that when I finish my event other people will benefit from my efforts.

    When I get to an event the range of other people be it young or old, first timer or veteran and the level of encouragment from people you've never met before and in all likelyhood may never meet again is what make this sport special to me.

    I've only been doing this for five years and like most of you dream of going to the next level be it olympic or for me ironman. Watching coverage of events like hawaii ironman and seeing a pensioner or an athlete recovering from cancer or some other tragic accident again inspires me, brings a lump to the throat and makes me think if they can do it then I will to.

    Now looking forward to the weekend and Windsor.
  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    this should inspire a few of you, dare you not to cry!!!!

  • Unbeliveable!!!!!! absolutely lost for words.

  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    I'm typing this through tears so apologies for any typos! [:(]

    Mad, you hit the nail on the head! Its not about winning or even getting a pb but its what completing a tri means to you! Whether racing for charity thats important to you or the memory of a family member ... its what gets you through those last 5k on the run or up the hill you think you can't climb on the bike. It might even be in memory of the fat smoker you used to be and never want to be again! (thats one of mine)

    But after having watched that video clip I will never ever think I can't achieve something! I'm not a cryer but I was bawling my eyes out this morning!! Thanks for posting this Matt. If ever I feel the pain and want to quit I'll now think of team Hoyt!

    And I'm off again![:(][:(]

  • RewRew Posts: 62
    wow-lost for words!!!

    Tears in the eyes...inspirational.
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