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LActate threshold & peak power testing - FREE

Dunno if anyone in the NW would be interested but I was given details of a study at JMU (liverpool) ... is all free see outline below. I have done the first session and was impressed by the setup at the uni as well as the staff there.

"The study will consist of three visits

Visit 1 - A familiarisation visit during which you will be required to perform an incremental cycle test from which your peak power output

will be calculated. Blood lactate measurements (via a finger prick) will

also be taken during this test to ascertain your blood lactate


Visits 2 and 3 - This visit will involve a 4km self paced maximal effort time trial in 32.5 degrees centigrade. (Your core temperature will be monitored during these time trials using core temperature pills)

Each visit will take approximately one hour with the time trials

needing to take place at a similar time of day.

The test will be done using the CompuTrainer system so you will be able to use your own Bicycles for the tests.

JMU are looking to get started as soon as possible so if you are

interested in participating I would be grateful if you could give me an

indication of availability i.e.. daytime, evenings "

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to take part and feel free to email me / pm if you have any questions or need

any further information & I willl pass them on for you

madnurse (phil) [:D]
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